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10 top career lessons courtesy of YouTube

Whether it’s Tim Minchin’s wisdom beyond his years, Matt Damon’s interview explosion in Good Will Hunting, those passive–aggressive ‘I quit’ performances or the worst kinds of self-promoting video resumes, YouTube yet again shows us all we need to know about careers – usually in under 3 minutes a piece.

1. Honestly, is that job right for you?

2. Being cocky won’t always get you the job – at least, it didn’t for this guy

3. Bide your time – if you work hard it will happen

4. You don’t have to have a big ol’ dream

5. Don’t worry, interviews really are designed to make you feel stupid

6. And yes, quitting can feel good

7. Ok, quitting can feel dammmnnnn good

8. You can’t always like your boss

9. Or the people you work with

10. And if you’ve just spent a large part of your day watching these videos, then it’s probably time you faced the truth…

Don’t spend a minute more on YouTube – start working on your new career.

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