Study Mistakes That Could Be Sabotaging You

Posted March 22, 2019, by Michelle Marshall

Many students make some critical mistakes when it comes to their studies, mistakes that can cost them their grades and subsequently their dream job.  This doesn’t have to be – you at least not if you spend some time understanding what study mistakes you could be making and how easy it is to fix them!  

Trust us; you are going to need to put your eyes on this!  

Study Mistake #1: Not realising that there are tips and strategies that you can use to make your study efforts and results much easier.  

Yep. A simple mindset change is all that is needed to level up your game.  We told you it was easy.

Some students, don’t even realise that there are things that they can do about the way that they approach their studies.  There are amazing study tips waiting for you right now.  Things that will make learning and passing their exams so much easier. It’s a huge mistake and one we can help you rectify if you keep on reading. 

Study Mistake #2: Working hard not smart

This may seem like a cliche saying, but it’s a saying that if applied to anything that you do throughout your life, you’ll be thankful for.  It cuts the wheat from the chaff, eliminates over thinking, or overdoing anything and gets the right stuff done – you know, the stuff that gets results.  The things you should be focusing on!

To work smart, you need to keep things simple, always. But pay attention, great attention to what is required to deliver the results you need for your grades or your future work and life projects.  

Study Mistake #3: Concentrating only on the topics you study, and not developing study skills.

Such As:

#4: Not active reading

Reading is a huge part of study, but so many students just highlight complete pages of text for days.  This is because you’ve got no end goal.

Instead, think about what you need to understand and seek the answers in the text making notes as you find the answers you need.  

If you don’t know why you are reading something, don’t read it until you understand why.  

#5: Not practising under exam conditions

Take past exams and look at what mistakes you made.  Then fix them – this will help you pass your exams much quicker than reading books for the sake of reading a book.  And will help you to focus on what you need to learn.

#6: Learning and embracing your study style

We don’t all study in the same way.  What works for one person won’t work for you.  Work smarter by figuring out how you like to study and making it work for you – just don’t overcomplicate it!

#7: Not seeking to understand rather than memorise

Most students make the mistake of trying to memorise rather than understand their topic, and that’s usually because they don’t often know exactly what it is that they are seeking to understand.  

Which leads to the next point.

#8: Not understanding the ‘brief’

You are not working smart, being productive or managing your time well if you do not know what is required of you in any situation in life.  

So many students don’t pay attention to their assignment briefs, exam criteria, or course outcomes.  Instead, they rush past this, perhaps only reading it once or briefly checking it to see if they’ve covered all aspects in their projects or essay. AKA usually when it’s too late and much too stressful to ring the changes.   

If you don’t know what is important you won’t hit the sweet spot – speak to your teacher and find out what the most important aspects of your study should be – now that’s a smart move!

Study Mistake #9: Making study a chore

Nothing good ever comes from anything where there is no passion.  It’s dull, lifeless, boring and uninspiring. But the good news is that if you learn how to find ways to inject passion into even the most tedious of tasks you’ll enjoy your studies more, do better and develop another life skill that will take you far in life.

You don’t have to feel passionate about learning about a specific topic, but you could find passion in accomplishing the goals you have, the act of learning or even your desired outcome.  

There is always an angle and always a way to ignite the spark inside of you.  You just might need to get a little creative about it to inject passion into your studies

Study Mistake #11: Not studying ahead

Study ahead, so that when you have to learn something for your course, you already have a basic understanding which means you integrate the information faster.  Ask your teacher or lecturer for advice on how you can study ahead.

It’s a smart move, trust us.

Study Mistake #12: Not taking breaks or taking too many breaks

Either, or it doesn’t matter.  Both are as damaging to your study efforts as each other.  Plan breaks to give your brain a rest completely and to assimilate the information you’ve learned.

Just don’t take too many and stop procrastinating!

Study Mistake #13: Doubting yourself

Just don’t do this.  Don’t. It’s so damaging to your psyche and your studies.  Instead, focus on all of the above, hone your skills, work smart and focus on the facts, not the assumption you’ve made about studying, and all will be well.  

You’ve got this!  

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