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Finding Your First Job After Studying Begins Long Before Graduation

For many students, the final year of study is the beginning of the reality of job hunting, and anticipation of the world of work. See how you can stand out from the pack by not only having the right qualification but the right set of skills to boot.

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Postgraduate Study... What’s It All About?

Whether you do it to advance in your chosen field, jump in at a higher level, change to a completely different career, or just out of sheer interest and passion, postgraduate studies can be a more than worthwhile pursuit.

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Lesson 101: Why You Should Never Stop Learning

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin. Rediscover learning and make a commitment to invest in your mind and in your future today, and everyday!

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10 High-Paying Jobs You Won't Need A Degree For

Didn’t go to uni? Don’t have a degree? Don’t let that hold you back. Vivien takes a closer look at 10 career paths that will have you swimming in dough, not drowning in HECS debt.

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How To Balance Studying Online With Parenting

Life as a full-time parent is tough enough, let alone adding study into the mix. We uncover ways to ensure this juggling act is made as easy as possible.

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Should I Get An MBA?

With so many postgraduate course options out there, how do you know whether getting an MBA is the right career move? If you’re considering an MBA, ask yourself the following questions.

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How To Boost Your Productivity, According To Science [Infographic]

Looking to squeeze more into your day? Here are six tips to up your productivity game, all backed by science!

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The 8 Science-Backed Secrets To Stop Procrastinating, Once And For All

Studies have shown that chronic procrastination is associated with lower pay, unemployment, higher stress, reduced life satisfaction and lack of a partnership - true story. Here's how you can finally stop procrastinating - we have the science to prove it.

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The Surprisingly Simple Way To Rewire Your Brain [Infographic]

Have you ever felt like the 9-5 routine is turning your brain to mush? We explore the science behind why learning new things helps rewire your brain.

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A New Career at 60? Why it’s Never Too Late To Dream Big

Imagine finding out on your 61st birthday that you’re heading back to school! That’s exactly what happened to Online Courses Australia student Beverley – she’s a testament to the fact that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

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