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Mid-year enrolments now open!

Time to get started

Mid-year applications are now open for a range of courses. It’s the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your future study plans, because it’s never too late to get started! So if you too can feel the clock ticking after the recent budget bombshell regarding the cost of tertiary education, it might just be time to take the plunge.

So what are some of the main reasons you might choose to apply for mid-year intake?

You just weren’t ready

Not everyone is ready to make the decision to pursue further study at the end of year 12. And why rush a decision you’re not ready for when you have the option of choosing to start later, without having to wait a whole year.

You’ve changed your mind

You may have applied and begun a degree that you’ve decided isn’t the right path for you. While you can use internal transfer if you are hoping to remain at your current institution, mid–year entry will allow you to apply elsewhere without waiting out the year. Don’t forget to check if you’re eligible for previous study credit.

You missed the mark

If you didn’t get into any of your preferences in the first to final round offers for the January/February intake, this is your do-over. In many cases, there are fewer applicants for the mid-year intake, which means that if your course is on the list, you’re likely to be competing against less people for entry.

Not all courses are available for mid-year intake so it’s important to check your state or territory’s admission centre, as well as the individual institution you’re looking to study with to ensure your chosen course is eligible.

For those who are still uncertain, the good news is that many online courses have flexible start dates, so you can choose when (and where) you study.

Ready to get started? We’ve got courses that you can get stuck into anytime!

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