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10 majors you might not have considered for your arts degree

From criminology and sport studies to mathematics and music, we take a look at 10 majors from The University of Queensland you might not have considered for your arts degree.

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Teenage unemployment hits new high: Where are all the careers advisers?

With Australia's youth jobless rate peaking last month, new research into the availability and adequate funding of high school career advisers has uncovered some concerning figures. Marni investigates.

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Top paying jobs straight out of uni

Nobody should pick a career based on the size of a pay cheque. But, to be frank, it doesn’t hurt to know what you’ll be earning in your first year out of uni. So undergrad students listen up: here are the top industries with the highest median salaries.

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Vocational Education and Training in the spotlight [infographic]

In 2013, nearly 2 million Australians chose to study at a VET institution. Molly casts a spotlight on this popular mode of study to learn more about the current state of play, and what we can do to keep vocational education and training fighting fit.

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What do you REALLY get out of study? [infographic]

If you finish year 12 and study after high school, you will be much better off – but how much better off? This infographic gives you the stats on employment, salaries and satisfaction for anyone wondering if further study is worth their while.

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Courses compared: from the underrated to the overblown

What do you want to get out of further study: Employment prospects? A good salary? Job satisfaction? Marni looks past the hype to help you find all three.

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Navigating subject selection in year 10

Year 10 students have some big decisions ahead of them. Julia highlights some of the main factors students need to consider when navigating the minefield of subject selection.

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'I want to leave school after Year 10. Can I do that?'

School isn’t for everyone. If you’re already over it and want to leave after Year 10, here are some of your options.

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What's your admin style?

We’ve all met one, most of us have worked with one and some of us have even been one. Julia employs the help of some iconic TV shows to delve into the wonderful world of administrative assistants.

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How To Unlock Your Learning Style

Uncovering your preferred learning style could be the key to supercharged study success. Read on to find out whether you're a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner.

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