5 education life hacks you can actually use

Posted February 6, 2014, by Andrea Riddell

Society may have you believing that doing well in school and going on to university is the only way to make it in life. And, once you’ve finished university, your education career ends there. But boy are they wrong. Education is the number one key to completing your end goal and achieving a high score.

So if life’s got you down, study-wise that is, follow these fool-proof education hacks and never feel like a noob ever again.

Education hack #1

If you’re still sore from receiving your HSC results and have now come to terms with the idea that you’ll probably be living with your parents and working at the local convenience store until you die, stop despairing! A whole range of private colleges and TAFEs offer courses without formal entry requirements. This means you can bury your ATAR mark in the sand and never think about it again.

Education hack #2

5 education life hacks you can actually use

Do you prefer your brain fried or scrambled? If you need a quick mental pick-me-up before you turn into the walking dead, MOOCs could be your answer. Standing for Massive Open Online Courses, MOOCs are the solution for anyone looking for a free short course on, well, basically anything and everything. From how to survive an apocalypse to Algorithms 101, studying a MOOC will get your noggin in tiptop shape.

Education hack #3

5 education life hacks you can actually use

If you’re lacking the skills to do your job properly, it’s worthwhile for your employer to train you up. Many employers will pay for you to continue your personal development. And, if there are a few of you in the same boat, your employer can hire someone to come into your workplace and train you all at once! Slip this little memo to your boss and hopefully they’ll be pleasantly surprised by your proactiveness. 

Education hack #4

5 education life hacks you can actually use

Constantly feeling like you need more hours in the day? Feeling like you’ve got more to do than time to do it in? Join the club, sister! But don’t let Father Time become your reason for not achieving your goals. Studying a course online will give you the freedom to squeeze in some study when you can and forget about it when you can’t. Heaps of providers will give you up to 10 years to complete your course, so there’s really nothing holding you back. 

Education hack #5

5 education life hacks you can actually use

You know that pesky little section that people include on their resumes? The one that says ‘hobbies and interests’? If you draw a blank at what to include simply because you don’t really have any hobbies or interests besides watching reruns of Masterchef, then perhaps it’s time to do something about this. Become a more fascinating and well-rounded person by studying a short course. No matter whether it’s in cross stitch or llama handling, a short course will bring a little spark to your life and give you something noteworthy to talk about around the dinner table. Whether you need an interest or just want to be interesting, a short course can make you a better person. 

Want to harness the power of education? Check out our range of courses – online for your convenience! 

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