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5 Online Education Myths – Busted!

Online Study Myths Busted

More people are choosing online education as a mode of study for its convenience and flexibility. Having said this, there are still a bunch of myths floating around about studying online. Here are the top five myths – busted!

1. You need to be tech savvy

You would have to be using some seriously out-dated technology not to reap the benefits of online education. A computer that works and a decent Internet connection is really all you need to get started.

Given that the majority, if not all, on-campus courses incorporate some form of technology, or have online hubs and electronic submission for assignments, you actually don’t need any more technology than your on-campus counterparts. These days, pretty much all students are online. 

2. The teaching is second-rate

You’d be surprised how many teachers who facilitate online courses are also running on-campus courses. In some cases, it’s the same lecturer who is just running the course in both internal and external mode.

As for the courses that are 100% online, you won’t be missing out here either. As long as you choose an accredited course, you can rest assured that your teachers will be top rate.

3. It's easier to get accepted into an online course

Yes, while there's no student capacity for online courses, the prerequisites are often the same and online courses shouldn't be seen as an 'easier' pathway. It’s an unfortunate myth that online courses are only for those who weren’t able to get into university. And this is absolutely not true.

The most important consideration is always going to be choosing the course that suits you best and the method of study that fits your life.

If you are working full-time or live too far away from a higher education provider and cannot relocate, online education is the ideal study option.

4. You don’t have the same access to resources 

The truth is that these days, with so much course content being placed online, even on-campus students are choosing not to attend class. I know students who only attend classes where they mark attendance so they can fit in work and other studies.

You can access a range of industry journals and reference material online, not to mention the information provided by your course coordinator. If you are studying a uni course online, you can even order textbooks from the Co-op Bookshop website and have them delivered to your door – and still get your student discount!

5. There's no social interaction

Online education is not an isolating form of study. Many courses have forums where students can discuss topics and help each other out. Some students who live in the same area might even choose to meet up in person for a study session. Studying online also gives you the flexibility to start working in your chosen industry while you study, so you are already interacting with people in your field.

With technology ever increasing, so do the online offerings from Australia’s course providers. Why not take advantage and choose a mode of study that fits in with your life, instead of changing your life to fit in with your study? 

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