2018’s Best Places To Work in Australia

Posted January 17, 2019, by Steve

A great workplace is a tricky balancing act.

To the worker it’s fairly simple. A good environment, decent pay and – perhaps above all – a nice boss! For the boss in question, there’s a lot of juggling required. Much effort goes on behind the scenes maintaining the workplace and keeping the team content.

You Know What You’re Looking For, Right?

Whether you’re a career hunter or a business owner, knowing the best places to work is important. Knowing what makes them tick is also a major plus.

So here are 2018’s exemplary employers, in a Top 10 compiled by Great Place To Work Australia… 

10. Campbell Arnotts

The go-to comfort food brand Arnotts has certainly cooked up some surprises in the workplace. And their partners are soup maestros Campbell. That makes for a pretty reassuring double whammy.

9. Sap Australia

The 21st century is still young, so tech company SAP is there to help keep businesses on the cutting edge of software development.

8. DHL Express

The long-established delivery and shipping company offers an attractive package.

7. Kennards Hire

“If you build it, they will come.” Sure, but where are you getting your supplies? Kennards has been answering that question for years and a happy workforce are clearly their touchstone.

6. Mars

From eating a Snickers to chewing the gum that kills the sugar afterwards, Mars is world famous for a range of products.

5. Mecca Brands

Mecca is the brand behind looking beautiful and are renowned for their exclusive ranges, as well as their access to the biggest names in the business. 

4. Hilton

A byword for luxury hotels, it may be surprising to learn Hilton have a highly-regarded workplace culture. No put-upon bellboys and girls at their establishments… 

3. Cisco Systems Australia

Another great tech brand people are queueing up to work for is Cisco. They demystify everything from clouds to cables, ensuring clients always know the best route to their router.

2. Atlassian

The pride of Australia’s tech community, this software development firm goes beyond the horizon. Their employees are only too happy to be along for the ride!


This software marketing giant is no faceless corporate entity. As well as helping businesses onto platforms which suit their needs,  it has an excellent workplace culture which retains talent. 

So, what makes these companies stand out from the rest? They obviously have a healthy relationship between employer and employee. But what does that entail? It can be boiled down to 3 questions: 

What Makes a Great Workplace?

Everyone wants to work somewhere with great views but a lot of these organisations keep you within four walls. So what happens inside a company’s premises is vital to pleasing staff.

For some places, it’s a small detail such as a gym, or cool breakout areas for employees to get inspired and collect their thoughts. In others, a workplace can look more like a rec room, and the sense of playtime for grown-ups is expanded.

Inevitably the best workplaces are those with the best attitudes. Salesforce lay out their guiding principles of Integrity, Transparency, Alignment and Accountability. Oftentimes these can make even the greyest wall seem like home.

How Much Do You Need To Be Paid?

Star salaries are much-sought after but the reality is not everyone can be a high roller.

A healthy culture combined with stimulating work can reap rewards beyond the financial. The workforce tends to be happier when they’re treated as essential rather than a box to be ticked. Especially helpful for an employer if you’re a startup and a solid income may not be guaranteed. That way when the going gets tough, people stick with you.

How Flexible Do You Need To Be?

As you’ve no doubt noticed, the jobs market has changed. The idea of a 9-5 role seems increasingly old-fashioned. Employees are often expected to work flexibly. This can be a challenge whether you’re behind or in front of the desk.

The best employees offset this by providing hours away from the workplace. Work can be completed at home, or away from the office. Say, under a tree with a tablet in your lap. Sounds almost idyllic… just don’t go to sleep or you won’t be experiencing much workplace harmony!

Ultimately the best places to work are those where everyone operates as an efficient but loyal team. Where employer and employee understand each other’s responsibilities and there’s a bit of give ‘n take.

Want to upgrade your employer? Maybe you want to shift careers but not quite sure how to start… Don’t sweat it, we’ve got that covered


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