4 Signs It’s Time For A Change and How to Welcome It

Posted October 18, 2019, by Jenny

This article was produced for Career FAQs by expert Career and Life Coach, Gretchen Hydo

We all know the saying: the only thing constant in life is change. Take the seasons, for example.  A few weeks ago marked the beginning of spring.  After a long, chilly winter, many of us are looking forward to warmer, longer days.  Most of us are comfortable with this kind of change.  We know it’s coming, we adjust our lives to it, and we’re ready for it when it arrives.   

But when it comes to creating change in our lives, panic and fear can set in.  Change can be scary.  As a result, most of us put off making changes until we’re at our emotional or financial breaking point.  Yet making a change under duress only serves to make the experience more stressful.  Instead of waiting until we’re out of options, we need to learn when we’re ready for change and usher it in – gently.  So, how do we know when we’re ready for change?

Here are a few ways to tell:

1. Your current role has stopped being challenging

There are many reasons this may start happening.  You may have acquired more training, finished a degree, or just feel ready to spread your wings a little.  In any event, if your experience and skill level has outgrown the demands of your present role, you should begin looking for new opportunities. Be intentional about where you look and make preparations for an adjustment in your day-to-day schedule, moving costs, etc.

2. You’re burned out

You’re dreading Mondays and feel as if you’re simply surviving weekend to weekend.   Welcome to the syndrome known as burnout.  If this is the case, you’re probably due for a new job –  but don’t rush into it.  Take some time to hit the reset button, take a break from work (if you can) and put time into searching for whatever will spark your motivation.  Your next employer will appreciate it.    

3. You feel like you’re not really living

Maybe it’s the monotony.  Maybe it’s that you have no time for your personal life.  Maybe it’s the nagging sensation that you’re not doing what you should.  Whatever it is, it keeps you from feeling like you’re fully living your life.  This is another sign that a change – of location, of living situation, or of your job –  would benefit you. 

4. You’re excited for a new challenge – but not quite “ready”

Sometimes making a big change is easier when we chunk it down into smaller steps.  After all, feeling absolutely ready for change isn’t always realistic.  So let’s say, you want to go back to school and get your PhD.  Take a look at your loved ones.  Are they taken care of while you take a break from working?  Are your finances stable enough to start your own business or take time off to write your novel?   Take the necessary steps to prepare for the “big” change.  Before you know it, that big change you’re planning may not feel scary at all. 

If you’re still not sure about what your next steps should be, there are some things you can do. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation with me to talk about what you want for your life and how to get there. Check out my online store for resources to help you up-level your life to lead you in the direction of your goals. And join my Facebook group Shine On Purpose for daily encouragement and weekly goal check-ins.

It’s never too late to begin living your best life. Start today.

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