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Posted April 23, 2013, by Molly Wiltshire-Bridle

It accounts for more than one in every nine Australian jobs, and is picked to be the next trillion-dollar global industry. Our endless pursuit of health and wellbeing has reached epic proportions, with people pouring unprecedented sums of money into the ‘wellness’ industry – everything from acupuncture to personal training, pedicures and life coaching.

The result is a burgeoning demand for workers to supplement the already 1.2 million strong Australian wellness workforce. With a promising career outlook, high job satisfaction and comfortable remuneration, you’ll find all the components to ensure that you wind up healthy, wealthy and wise!

Here’s how you can snap up a piece of the (raw-sugarless-organic-gluten-free) health and wellness industry pie.

Beauty therapy

Appearance may only be skin-deep, but a career in beauty can be truly transformative – for you and your clients! As head of beauty at the Australian Insitute of Applied Sciences, Danielle Fisher, asserts, the beauty professions – from nail technology to hairdressing and skin care – can be incredibly rewarding.

‘It's ever-changing; there are new techniques and procedures every day that makes our career a positive one that creates an instant visual improvement and change in people’s appearance. It's what they say – “If we look good, we feel good"’.

Primp, preen and pluck your way into the industry with a Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy or a Diploma of Beauty Therapy.

Health & nutrition

We already know that it stacks up as the most highly paid graduate area, but a career in health and nutrition can be equally rewarding in a raft of other ways.

‘Every day something is different. You go to work not knowing what to expect’, says orthoptist, Janine Sing. ‘Being an orthoptist provides me with great opportunities to get out there in the health industry and make a difference’.

Whether it’s for love or money, get your foot in the door with a Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance or a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Exercise).


Have you got the magic touch? The number of massage therapists in Sydney rose by more than 28 per cent between 2006 and 2010, so it seems there are plenty with a knack for kneading out knots.

Is it time to turn your legendary neck rub into a career? There is a range of options at your fingertips with our courses in massage.

Psychology & counselling

It’s just as important to strive for a healthy mind, as it is a healthy body. For many people, this means seeking the support of qualified mental health professionals, in contexts ranging from divorce mediation through to drug and alcohol abuse counselling.

If you’ve got a talent for conflict resolution, a compassionate disposition and frequently find yourself lending an ear, it might be worthwhile considering a career in this multifaceted and rewarding industry.

Get qualified with a Bachelor of Social Science with a Major in Behavourial Studies or a Diploma of Counselling.

Natural therapies

A holistic approach to health and wellbeing is becoming increasingly popular, with many making ‘all-natural’ their mantra. With this change in attitude comes an unprecedented demand for qualified professionals. Paula Nutting, a remedial massage therapist, has witnessed the surge firsthand.

‘People are much more attuned to complementary therapy now than they were 15 years ago. People don’t necessarily go to their local GP as their first line of preventative medicine – they often choose naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, homeopaths and massage therapists first’.

Discover a whole career with a course in natural therapy


If the staff at your local gym know you by name, and you’re guilty of regularly (and shamelessly) declaring that your ‘body is a temple’, then it might just be time to join the ranks of the fast-growing army of fitness professionals.

In Sydney alone, the industry grew by an astounding 65 percent between 2006 and 2010, with new recruits specialising in everything from personal training to exercise rehabilitation services.

Break a mental sweat with a Diploma of Sport and Recreation Management or the comprehensive Certificate IV in Fitness & Statement of Attainment in Fitness.

Still not sure? Meditate over our full range of online health, nutrition, massage, psychology, counselling, fitness and natural therapies courses.

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