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Keeping The Spark Alive At Work

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Are you finding it difficult to stay motivated at work? 

What do you do when you have been in the same job for just a little bit too long? The signs are obvious – you might struggle to get out of bed each morning, or have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach every Sunday night. But if you want to stick with it because it’s a good job and you work with great people, what can you do to keep the spark alive? Here are some ways to keep your job interesting: 

1. Vary your daily routine

Sometimes the monotony of doing the same thing every day makes workers lose interest. So why not mix it up a little to avoid getting stuck in a rut? Something as simple as going to sleep and waking up one hour earlier can make a big change. It’s amazing what you can get done with that extra hour, whether you use the free time to do some morning exercise or get to work before the traffic is bad.

2. Ask for more work

You could add a new dimension to your job by taking on new roles and responsibilities. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you will be paid more, it’s often a great way to gain new skills and groom yourself for a promotion.

3. Change your workspace

Depending on your profession, it could be time to buy some new tools or clean the clutter from your desk. Even buying a new set of work clothes can give you a greater sense of work satisfaction. If you have an understanding boss, maybe you could arrange to do some work from home, in a park, or even at the beach!

4. Get involved in social activities at work

Your day shouldn’t just be about work and many employers actively encourage extracurricular activities. Join the social club or the company’s cricket or football team. This not only helps build teamwork at the office, but it also strengthens friendships at work. If there isn’t a club set up, you could start a new one.

5. Manage your time effectively

Ever heard of the Pareto principle? Also known as the 80-20 rule, it means that 20 per cent of your day contributes to 80 per cent of your results. The remaining 80 per cent of your activity accounts for only 20 per cent of your productivity. It may be a good idea to identify your most productive work and build on it. You can free up a lot of time by minimising the less efficient 80 per cent of your time.

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