Sector snapshot: healthcare

Posted April 13, 2015, by Vivien Luu

Thinking of joining the healthcare industry but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you’re working out your next move and want to see what areas are on the up. We’ve put together a comprehensive overview of the sector so that you can weigh up your options, compare salaries and make an informed decision about your future – so don’t wait any longer!


1. What does the industry look like? 


Data from Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency 2013 industry reports. 

Sector snapshot: healthcare

The health sector has a strong outlook for growth and great employment prospects.

According to the Department of Employment, the industry can expect to grow by 16.3% between 2013 and 2018, which equates to an additional 229,400 jobs

This growth can be attributed to: 

  • Australia’s ageing population
  • The National Disability Insurance Scheme

2. Which areas in healthcare will boom?

Sector snapshot: healthcare

According to Deloitte’s Positioning for Prosperty report.

Sector snapshot: healthcare

According to the Deloitte’s Positioning for Prosperity report.


3. Will it be easy to find a job?


Healthcare workers can expect good employment prospects, however job opportunities vary between different professions and specialties.




Future employment 
(from 2013 – 18)

Future job openings
(from 2013 – 18)

StarStarStarStarStar Care workers  
Registered nurses
> 12.1% > 50,000 
StarStarStarStarStar Doctors (GP)
Healthcare managers
> 12.1% 10,001 – 25,000
StarStarStarStar Occupational therapists
Nurse managers 
> 12.1% 5,001 –
StarStarStarStar Podiatrists
Doctors (other)
> 12.1% ? 5000
StarStarStar Dental assistants
Massage therapists
8.5 – 12% 10,000 – 25,000
StarStarStar Dietitians
Speech pathologists
Nurse educators
8.5 – 12% ? 5000
StarStar Enrolled nurses
Medical technician
Dental hygienists
Complementary health therapists
5.1 – 8.4% 10,001 – 25,000

Data from the 2014 Australian Jobs report.


4. What about qualifications and training?

Sector snapshot: healthcare

The health industry is one of the most highly skilled sectors with many health occupations demanding a tertiary qualification. Moving into the future, this trend will continue.

In 2011, 76% of health professionals held a bachelor degree or higher.

According to projections from the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency, by 2025 between 79% and 85% of health workers will have a university education.


5. What’s the pay like? 

Sector snapshot: healthcare

Data from the 2014 Australian Jobs report.


7. What does my competition look like? 




Part-time %

Female %

Median age

Ambulance officers and paramedics 14 33 40
Anaesthetists 25 25 39
Care workers, nursing support and personal 58 81 43
Care workers, special 37 68 40
Carers, aged and disabled 64 82 48
Complementary health therapists 51 69 48
Dental assistants 47 98 31
Dental hygenists, technicians and therapists 42 64 44
Dental practitioners 40 32 42
Dietitians 54 95 32
Managers, health and welfare services 14 72 49
Message therapists 61 70 37
Medical imaging professionals 23 62 35
Medical practitioner, general 20 43 43
Medical practitioner, other 17 54 44
Medical technicians 42 77 41
Midwives 53 100 47
Nurse educators and researchers 26 91 50
Nurse managers 20 88 49
Nurses, enrolled 52 91 45
Nurses, registered 48 90 43
Nursing support and personal care workers 58 81 43
Occupational therapists 37 89 31
Optometrists and orthoptists 23 56 31
Pharmacists 27 64 35
Physiotherapists 35 60 35
Podiatrists 22 49 31
Psychiatrists 25 37 45
Psychologists 32 81 41
Speech pathologists and audiologists 40 93 34
Surgeons 13 18 45

Data from the 2014 Australian Jobs report.

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Vivien Luu
Vivien Luu

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