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Stimulate your career juices at the Good Food & Wine Show

Food and wine
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If you are fascinated by all things gastronomic, have been breathlessly following the trials and travails of the contestants of Masterchef, and love Gordon Ramsay as much for his rantings as his culinary skills, then you can’t miss this weekend’s Good Food & Wine Show at Sydney’s Convention & Exhibition Centre, Friday 3 July – Sunday 5 July.

You will be able to see celebrity chefs and live demonstrations, and sample and buy the best in Australian produce, cooking accessories and equipment. Most sessions are free, though some will require you to buy a ticket (check the website for session times and availability).

For anyone aspiring to get involved in the world of gastronomy and hospitality, imbibing the tastes and smells of Australia’s finest foods and wines, and observing your culinary heroes could prove inspiring and stimulating … not to mention delicious!

Miccal Cummins of Gastronomy, Sydney's multi award-winning caterer, says that shows like this provide the perfect opportunity for aspiring chefs and hospitality service providers to network, observe what goes on in the industry and get a feel for where they want to go. 'You need to associate with the kind of people you want to be, and these shows are great for giving you different choices and directions which you can take.'

So get inspired, whet your appetite … and indulge in some great food and wine this weekend!

The Good Food & Wine Show will also be moving to Perth (Friday 31 July – 2 August 2009, Perth Convention Exhibition Centre) and Brisbane (details to be announced – check the website at a later date).

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