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About Pharmacy

For most of us, the local pharmacy is our most common point of contact with the health system, and we depend heavily on the expert advice of pharmacists to tell us what, and how much, medication to take when we’re sick. By taking an online pharmacy course and getting the right qualification, you could provide a valuable service and help those in need of professional medical advice.

To become a pharmacist you will need to have in-depth knowledge of anatomy, metabolism, nutrition, symptoms, effectiveness, and potential side effects of drugs and drug combinations. You will also need to possess a strong familiarity with non-prescription everyday health products.

With our online pharmacy course, you will develop core scientific skills and a strong foundation of knowledge in pharmaceutical science. You will also be required to undertake 200 hours of clinical placement in both community and hospital pharmacies, so you have the practical skills and experience to begin working as a pharmacist immediately after you graduate.

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Captain Wendy Lang - Pharmaceutical Officer, Australian Army

‘The training that we undergo is tough, but you do it and you come out stronger for it. And I think it helps you with challenges in life as well it makes you just grip it and go “I can do this, I have to do this” and you do.’

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