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5 reasons why the care sector is the right career change for 2015

The health care industry continues to sustain growth

The health care and social assistance industry is Australia’s biggest employer.

Between now and 2017, the sector will account for one in every four new jobs created, according to the Department of Employment.

And not only is there an abundance of opportunity, it also provides people with a truly rewarding career.

If you’re thinking about swapping jobs – whether to try something new, or to start a new career – the care sector can provide you with the fulfilling work you’ve always wanted, as well as a work/life balance envied by many other industries.

Here are the top five things you should know about making a career change into the care sector.

1. Communication is key

Different industries suit different personalities, and the care sector is no exception. Although there are many roles across the industry, at its core the care sector is about supporting people. In order to succeed in this area, communication is one of the key skills that you will need.

The care sector’s ideal employee is a ‘people person’; someone interested in supporting people who are living with disability or in an aged care setting. It doesn’t matter if you are working in frontline support or in a corporate or management role – great communication skills are essential for all care sector employees.

2. You will learn something new every day

No two days are ever the same in roles across the care sector. Supporting different people every day of the week can be challenging – but it’s also a guaranteed learning experience.

You will spend your days being surprised and challenged, as well as learning new things about your clients and yourself.

3. Life experience is as important as work experience

There are many things that make people great workers in the disability and community care sector – but previous work experience isn’t necessarily one of them.

The care sector is known for training employees on the job, both at the beginning of their employment and as they continue to learn and grow in the industry. This is just one of the factors that makes the care sector perfect for career changers and school leavers.

Success in this industry is measured less by qualifications and more by your temperament and commitment to the role.

4. The roles are many and varied

The care sector provides roles and opportunities to suit almost every skill set. This is yet another reason why this industry is perfect for career changers.

You can transition into a role within the sector that aligns with your previous experience and skills. This allows you to make a real difference by using the skills you already have.

Think your current experience isn’t applicable to the sector? Think again. There are care careers across frontline support, transport, administration, human resources, IT as well as corporate and management roles. Much of the experience you have gained in your career so far can be applied to a new role in the sector.

5. It’s like no other place you’ve ever worked

The care sector will both challenge and reward you in ways you probably never expected. One of the reasons this sector is so unique is because of what it stands for – supporting people in need, rather than making a profit.

The ways in which care sector workers support their clients are as varied as the roles, and employees themselves.

If this sounds like the type of environment you’d like to work in, the care sector may be the perfect career change for you.


To learn more about the range of care sector jobs available, visit carecareers – Australia’s leading care sector employment experts. The website also has a career quiz, which enables you to see which role types you’d best fit into.

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