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TLI50415 Diploma of Logistics

Get an overview of the logistics, transport and supply chain industries with this comprehensive online Diploma of Logistics (TLI50415).

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Monarch Institute

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Bachelor of Business With a Major in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

In this online Bachelor of Business With a Major in Logistics and Supply Chain Management course, you will learn to manage the global movement of goods and resources using industry best practice.

The course covers all major stages in the supply chain, including the procurement, handling, storage and distribution of products, in a wide range of industries.

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Swinburne Online

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About Logistics

In our interconnected world, getting things from A to B has never been quicker – but that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park. With the boom in online shopping and international shipping, and more goods flying back and forth than ever before, logistics is a complicated business – and logistics experts are hot commodities.

Whether it’s for the heavy industries facing growth, such as gas, or for imported retail goods, products cannot reach their destination without logistics professionals to ensure that supply keeps up with demand – and the sector is suitably well paid for their trouble. It’s also a truly global career with the potential to take your experience wherever the products flow.

Potential logistics career outcomes include: Supply and Distribution Manager, Transport and Despatch Clerk, Contract Administrator, Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Customer Service Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Warehousing Manager, Procurement Officer, Supply Coordinator, Inventory Planner/Analyst.

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