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What's your job outlook? 10 careers that are on the up

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As Fairfax axes nearly 2000 jobs, Pacific Brands ceases its Australian manufacturing division and REDgroup closes the books on Borders and Angus & Robertson, there’s one question weighing on everyone’s mind: ‘Is my job safe?’

The Australian government’s Job Outlook initiative aims to find out. By compiling data on the employment characteristics, trends and prospects for over 350 individual occupations, it provides the information you need to make an informed decision about your career path.

To help you make sense of it all, we’ve put together a list of 10 jobs currently projected to ‘grow very strongly’ over the coming years. 


Graphic/web designer and illustrator

Things certainly aren’t looking sketchy for this lot. Digital creatives are in high demand, with 15 per cent job growth in the past two years alone.

Job titles: Graphic designer, illustrator, multimedia designer, web designer

Related courses: Diploma of Graphic Design, Freelance Cartooning & Illustrating Course, Certificate IV in Design (PC)(specialising in Web Design)



It seems that modern day pressures are taking their toll, with the psychology profession picked to experience extremely strong growth by 2016-17.

Job titles: Clinical psychologist, educational psychologist, organisational psychologist, psychotherapist, psychologist

Related courses: Certificate IV in Mental Health, Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (Psychology), Graduate Diploma in Psychology


Fitness instructor

We’re becoming more and more body conscious (or perhaps our waistlines are just expanding at an unprecedented rate) – either way, the fitness industry is kicking butt.

Job titles: Fitness instructor, personal trainer, gym class instructor, fitness programmer

Related courses: Certificate III in Fitness, Certificate IV in Fitness, Diploma of Sport (Athlete Support Services)


Nursing support and personal care worker

The national shortages across nursing and aged care have been widely publicised, and with several government incentives now in place, the industry is expected to grow strongly.

Job titles: Hospital orderly, nursing support worker, personal care assistant, therapy aide, aged care assistant, enrolled nurse

Related courses: Certificate IV in Aged Care, Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Nursing


General manager

Businesses of every shape and size require effective, efficient and well-informed leadership, so you can bet that the bigwigs are here to stay.

Job titles: General manager, chief executive officer, office manager, operations manager

Related courses: Certificate IV in Frontline Management, Advanced Diploma of Management , MBA (Executive)


Veterinary nurse

Our love of all things cute and furry continues to fuel the animal care industry. For all the times when Fido is feeling under the weather, veterinary nurses step into the fray.

Job titles: Veterinary nurse, animal care attendant, wildlife animal carer

Related courses: Animal Care Course, Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, Certificate III in Captive Animal Studies


Welfare support worker

So long as we continue to encounter bumps in the road in matters of emotional, recreational, health, housing and financial wellbeing, welfare workers will remain in steady demand.

Job titles: Community worker, social worker, disabilities services officer, family support worker, parole or probation officer, residential care officer, youth worker

Related courses: Master of Social Work, Certificate III in Community Services Work, Diploma of Youth Work


Mining engineer

As far as job outlook goes, this occupation is a veritable goldmine. Job growth has skyrocketed a massive 46.4 per cent over the past five years and is positioned to continue in the same vein.

Job titles: Mining engineer, petroleum engineer, mine manager

Related courses: Graduate Diploma in Extractive Metallurgy, Associate Degree in Engineering, Bachelor of GeoScience


Human resource professional

Hiring and firing is a given throughout every employment sector, so secure yourself a job in the business of other people’s jobs.

Job titles: Human resource adviser, recruitment consultant, workplace relations adviser

Related courses: Certificate IV in Human Resources, Graduate Certificate in Employment Relations , Diploma of Human Resources Management


ICT manager

We’ve come a long way since floppy disks and dial up Internet, and jobs in IT and project management are here to stay – growing.

Job titles: Chief information officer, ICT project manager, ICT manager

Related courses: Master of Information Technology Project Management, Graduate Certificate of Technology (Business Systems), Master of Management (Information Technology)

Other jobs expected to ‘grow strongly’:

  • Marketing professional
  • Pharmacist
  • Architect and landscape architect
  • Beauty therapist
  • Child carer
  • Nutritionist

If your occupation has made our shortlist, congratulations! You can breathe easy. For a more extensive employment forecast, remember to visit the Job Outlook website.

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