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Master of Engineering Management

Prepare for top-tier employment in the engineering industry with this online Master of Engineering Management course.

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About Engineering

Engineering is an industry that has been around since ancient times and it’s responsible for many inventions that have shaped our modern world. This includes innovations such as the pulley, lever and wheel – inventions that have transformed the way we do things, and that underpin so many functions of engineering today. These smaller creations have gone on to shape larger engineering feats, such as the world’s tallest building – the impressive Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which stands a staggering 829.8m tall.

Did you know that Australians are responsible for a range of influential engineering inventions? These include the electric drill, solar hot water, the black box flight recorder and wireless Internet. With the right training, you could be Australia’s next big engineering inventor.

If you are an innovator who enjoys a hands-on approach, an engineering career could be your calling. With ever-advancing technology, the engineering industry – currently categorised into chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical, amongst others – continues to grow and diversify in new and exciting ways, and into new fields altogether.

News & Views

Jesse Curtis - Apprentice Service Technician, Porsche and Aston Martin

'The apprenticeship allows me to get a qualification and work at the same time – it’s not bad. TAFE is pretty easy – if you pay attention and try you’ll do well.'

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Kat Hocking - Chemical Engineer, Melbourne Water

'There's an engineering shortage, so there is definitely work available in Australia, especially because of the green shift that all companies are making.'

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Lieutenant Keith Hanlon - Marine Engineer Officer, Australian Navy

‘You need to have a lot of self-drive, a lot of self-belief. And I think you need to be resourceful at times because as a Marine engineer you’re working sometimes in a very isolated environment…'

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