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2018 – Year of the New Career?

New Year, New Career

New year, new career! Make sure you’re getting the most out of your career in 2018. 

Returning to work after the festive break, you'll no doubt be more aware than ever of those little (or not so little) nuances that get on your nerves. From the guy behind you who is really loud on the phone, to the overbearing boss, the monotonous daily tasks, and the colleague who always try to take credit for your hard work. After a couple weeks of unwinding and overindulging, the struggle of returning to it all can be all too real. There’s no time like the present to take a fresh and honest look at your job and make the right decision to stay, change companies or do a complete career makeover.

There’s no time like the present to retrain and launch an exciting new period in your life. Study a course in a field with skills shortages such as engineering, architecture, health, animal care or construction, and you'll have plenty of job opportunities! Or maybe it's time to enrich your life with a short course to stimulate and challenge you. There's a course for every possible career and interest! If you decide a new career is that way to go for 2018 then you’ll probably want to start with giving your resume and cover letter a little pick-me-up. 

Remember, the hunt for the right job can take a while, but you’ll be thankful once you’ve made it. In the meantime here are some tips to help keep you motivated in your current role:

  • Take up a new activity or hobby to keep yourself sharp and fresh
  • Brighten up your workstation with a plant or some motivational tools
  • Don’t eat lunch at your desk or sit for long periods of time – get off your chair and get some fresh air
  • Step outside your comfort zone and put your hand up for a new challenge
  • Make the most of your workplace perks like working from home, discounted gym memberships, attend office social events.
  • Write down the positive aspects of your job and remind yourself of them when you’re feeling low at work
  • Avoid working back too late and strive for a healthy work/life balance

“If you want to move away from something you hate, be really clear what it is so you avoid getting into the same situation again. It can help to write down everything you dislike about your current work situation, see if you can address any of this right now and make sure your next choice won’t put you back in a similar situation.” -
So before you find yourself in the same predicament come 2019, check out what you need to look out for when on the hunt for a new job

Still not sure if a new career is the way to go for the new year? Dive a little deeper and ask yourself these seven questions

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