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About Veterinary Nurse

Prepare yourself to work with vets, and to help care for sick and injured animals with a Veterinary Nurse course.

These exciting courses may delve into subjects such as exploring the veterinary workplace, providing care and advice about sick or injured animals, admitting and preparing patients and how to perform a range of medical, surgical and dental nursing procedures.

Most importantly, training in this industry will ensure students are able to deliver exceptional patient care and provide relevant and useful advice to the patient’s owners.

Lastly, students of a Veterinary Nurse course will be able to adequately perform their responsibilities at a level that complies with all regulations and legislations.

Career Outcomes

  • Pet Groomer
  • Veterinary Nurse
  • Animal Care Attendant
  • Animal Carer
  • Animal Shelter Attendant
  • Assistant Zookeeper

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