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How To Be More Creative, According To Science [Infographic]

We read a tonne of scientific studies on creativity and turned it into a 2-min infographic!

Creativity Hacks Main Takeaway Points:

1. Chill out and let your mind wander 

Capturing that elusive lightblub moment is the bane of every creative's existence. Thankfully, science has a formula that will help you:

Relax = Let your mind wander = Alpha waves = Aha!

When you let your mind wander, you produce alpha waves. This brain activity is crucial to the creative process because it always precedes the spike of gamma waves that characterise a rush of creative insight. 

That's why our best ideas come to us in the shower! So: 

  • Build in 'chill out' time into your schedule 
  • Try taking showers, baths, or going for long walks 
  • Make an effort to let your mind wander 

2. Create around your body clock 

Morning larks will swear by their pre-dawn rituals, while night owls will stand by their nocturnal habits. So is it better to be an early bird or burn the midnight oil? 

According to science, you're at your most creative when your energy levels are at their lowest. When your brain's unfocused, it's less inhibited and more susceptible to irrelevant thoughts.

Less focus = More irrelevant thoughts = Higher chance of creativity  

When your mind has access to a wider scope of ideas and alternatives, it increqases your chances of making unexpected and inspired connections.

So the rule of thumb is:

  • Night owls, you're at your most creative in the morning 
  • Morning larks, your creativity peaks in the dead of night 

3. Embrace limits!

Science says too much choice overwhelms us. Meaning, limitations are the best starting point for creativity. 

So embrace limitations and obstacles found in the creative process. 

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