Infographic: How To Use Your Breaks To Be More Productive

Posted February 27, 2017, by Zahra Campbell-Avenell

Taking regular breaks can do wonders for your productivity.

Countless studies have demonstrated that even short diversions from a task can dramatically improve your performance.

If you think about it, Newton discovered gravity while relaxing under a tree, Archimedes was chilling out in the bathtub when he had his ‘Eureka!’ moment, and Einstein came up with the theory of relativity while riding his bicycle.

So what you do while you’re not working is just as important – if not more – as what you do while you’re working.

It might sound crazy, but science has shown that looking at adorable kitten and puppy pictures, listening to music while you work and exercising – even just at your desk – can increase your productivity. 

Here are 16 other ways to use your breaks to get a productivity boost

Source: Quid Corner


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Zahra Campbell Avenell
Zahra Campbell-Avenell

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