Is Your Job Making You Miserable? 10 Signs It’s Time To Go

Posted March 15, 2018, by Jenny Sakr

There’s no worse feeling than having to drag yourself every morning to a job you hate – especially if you can’t see any hope for improvement. If the thought of your job has you reaching for the sick bag or a stiff drink, then it’s clearly time for a change.

We spend more time at work and with our colleagues than our partner, closest friends, roommates and family; so it’s important to ensure your happiness at work is pretty up there.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves it’s important not to quit at the first sign of a hard time. Take a good hard look at yourself and your role. It is definitely the job that’s causing all this angst or is there something else that’s bothering you? Have you really tried hard to change the situation or have you just dumped it all in the ‘too hard basket’?

Sara Sutton Fell, CEO and founder of FlexJobs, says “some people are able to see the signs that it’s time to leave their job, and they’ll either try to improve the situation, simply gripe about it, or go into denial that the situation isn’t as bad as they think. But others are unaware of the signals that it’s time to get out.”

So to help figure out if it truly is your job that’s causing you to be unhappy we’ve put together these 10 signs to help you decide if you should stay or go. 

You hate the work you’re doing

If preparing those presentations and poring over those spreadsheets is enough to make you impersonate Munch’s The Scream, you might need to think about changing your role. Could you ask to be moved into a different area of the business? Does your work offer any training and development that you could take advantage of to gain new skills so you can do a different type of work?

TIP: If you feel you’re at a dead end, you should consider undertaking your own training to get out of your rut. With so many areas of study available online, you can get additional skills and qualifications while continuing to work full-time. 

You’re bored … like really bored

You’re good at your job and could do it with your eyes closed, but you’re bored witless. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and shake things up.

TIP: Try to make things more interesting for yourself – take on any new responsibilities or create your own projects that you could throw yourself into with enthusiasm.

You don’t get along with your boss and/or colleagues

Your boss makes your blood boil and you’ll look for any excuse to avoid lunch or after work drinks with the team. The reality is, you’re not going to get along with everyone you cross paths with. Try using these handy tips to help handle your annoying co-workers.

You dread walking in every morning

As the opening line above suggests, there’s no worse feeling than having to turn up somewhere day after day that you really don’t want to be. If you hate the feeling of walking through that front door then perhaps its time you look for the exit.

The financial struggle is real

You’re over-worked and underpaid – never a good combination! If you find yourself struggling in-between paydays (and no not because you had a huge weekend or bought that expensive pair of shoes, but because your pay cheque just isn’t cutting it) then it may be time to pull your manager aside and push for that overdue pay rise.

WARNING: You may not get the answer you’re after so you will need to be prepared to shift jobs if they don’t give you what you’re worth. 

Show me the money!

It’s taking over your life

You work late nights and long hours, leaving you with no time for yourself or to be social. Good jobs and organisations allow for a true work-life balance, so if yours doesn’t then you may have to make a conscious effort to know when to call it a day and enjoy some you time. What’s the point in making a living if it doesn’t allow you the time to live!
TIP: See if there’s a way you can share the work around, and use what break time you do have to be more productive and do something for yourself. 

You feel left out

Work can be much like high school when it comes to lunch buddies and Friday night outings – no one likes to be left out of the fun stuff. If you’re not clicking with anyone or feel like a bit of an outcast then it might be time to find something new.
Note: Before throwing in the towel on this one, be sure to think about how much effort you have made to chat with colleagues in the kitchen or get involved at company social events. Perhaps you haven’t put yourself out there enough. 

You’re stuck in your position and there’s no way up

You’ve hit a dead end as far as job progression goes then the only way is…. out! If you’re not continuously learning then you are doing yourself, your mind and your skills no favours.

Your wellbeing is impacted

Stress can take a toll on our bodies in different ways. If work is taking over your mental wellbeing and causing stress or anxiety; or impacting you physically and causing pain, headaches, stomach aches, weight gain, weight loss or more, then it’s time to consider what’s more important.

The business is showing signs of struggle

If you’re detecting troubled times are ahead then it might be time to jump ship. Peter Harris, chief editor of, says you can’t have a stable career at a company that isn’t stable itself. “If there are frequent restructurings, raises and bonuses have been cancelled and projects postponed, it could indicate that your employer is struggling.”

If you’ve answered yes to many of these and trust it’s your job and company that’s making you feel uneasy every day, then all signs point to handing in your resignation letter and moving on to bigger and better things. While this might seem easier said than done, it’s important to remember no job is worth your wellbeing and happiness. If you’re nervous about finding something new then check out our tips to help make sure you get the job you want.

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Jenny Sakr
Jenny Sakr

Jenny found her way with words while interning during uni, since, she's produced articles on it all – from hair and beauty to homewares, travel, career advice and study tips. On a weekend you're most likely to find her lining up for a table at the latest cafe or restaurant.

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