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Kitten And Puppy Pics Boost Your Productivity, According To Science

Studies show viewing pictures of baby animals can increase focus and productivity

I can haz more productivity?

Fellow office workers, I have good news for you. If you occasionally indulge in a bit of lolcats when you take a break, you may actually be helping your employer by being more productive when you get back to work.

And yes, feel free to quote me on that.

Researchers at Hiroshima University in Japan have found that viewing cute images of kittens and puppies improved concentration, speed and fine motor dexterity. In a series of experiments, participants were shown images of baby animals, adult animals, pleasant food or neutral objects to test the impact on task performance.

In each experiment, there was a marked increase in performance after looking at pictures of adorable baby animals. Some experiments showed as much as a 43.9 per cent increase in speed, accuracy and dexterity for the ‘cute animals’ group, compared to just 11.9 per cent for the ‘adult animals’ group.

Here’s the graph to prove it:

viewing images of cute animals boosts productivity
Average task performance before and after viewing pictures of baby animals, adult animals and pleasant food

Still not convinced? There’s more.

In June 2015, nearly 7,000 internet users were surveyed to understand their motivations for watching cat videos online. The resulting study found that watching cat-related media improved viewers’ energy levels and positive emotions, while decreasing negative emotions.

And it keeps getting better.

Neuroscientists at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign investigated the difference in participant performance after a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ distraction. They found that positive images did not hamper the brain’s ability to focus on the task at hand, while negative images impaired performance. And since we know that cat videos engender warm fuzzy feelings, watching one on a break is not likely to break your concentration.

So go ahead, check out some of these adorable pictures below to enhance your mood and work performance – and while you’re at it, send them around to your colleagues and boss too. You’re welcome!

Improve your productivity, I shall
Looking at these adorable kittens sleeping and hugging in a basket will improve your productivity, says science
I sleep, therefore I cat
What's that? You've cat to be kitten me!
Looking at this cute kitten will boost your productivity, says science
Oh hai...don't mind me, I'm just busy being adorable
Don't feel guilty about your internet kitten obsession. Science says you're improving your productivity
I haven't blinked in 47 seconds! Wait 48 seconds, 49 seconds...
Looking at this cute kitten and puppy will boost your productivity, says science
It's time for a collective 'Awwwwww'
Looking at this little puppy in a teacup will increase your productivity!
I'm a little teacup, short and spout. That's how the song goes, right?
Watch some guilty dog videos to power through the 3pm slump
I didn't do it...I swear! #guiltydog
#puglife pictures can help you refocus
I gotta bone to pick withchu! #puglife
Catlovers rejoice, science says pics of kittens do wonders for productivty
OMG I found the most comfortable shoe the other day! And it was my size!
Researchers at Hiroshima University have found that viewing cute images puppies improved concentration.
I look like a Wiggle in this stupid yellow shirt! Take it off, take it off!!!
Hooray for science! Scrolling through endless videos of puppies has been proven to increase energy levels
Did you hear that?
Do yourself (and your boss) a favour by browsing through some adorable kitten pics to help you power through your workload
Yeah, I totally heard it...
#lolcats = #productivityboost
This is what fluffy sleep looks like. That didn't make any sense did it? I'm too cute to care.
Cute puppy pics can help give your energy levels a jolt!
I make impossible workdays pawsible!
Shout out to science for telling us all to take a break with some #lolcats!
Don't go back to work yet! Paw-ease...
Thanks to a bunch of surveys and scientific studies, you no longer have to feel guilty about your love for internet cats
Enough with the lame puns already! Don't let the human leave, overwhelm it with cuteness!

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