7 Alternative Ways To Snag Your Dream Job

Posted July 9, 2015, by Jordan Huidekoper

Applying for jobs can be a long and strenuous process, especially if you don’t get any feedback from potential employers. With so many graduates and professionals constantly on the lookout for work, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Taking a creative, proactive approach will make it far easier to grab the attention of those responsible for hiring. Put your best foot forward with these bold and creative tips for snaring the job of your dreams.

Snail mail

Think about the excitement and curiosity you feel when you receive a letter in the mail, rather than a message in your inbox. Nowadays, most jobs take online applications that include a screening process, meaning if you don’t meet all the criteria, you will be excluded from the shortlist. If you want to work at a certain company, find out who is responsible for recruiting and send them a letter. You will stand out from the rest because you took the time and effort to do things the old-fashioned way!


While many jobseekers (particularly graduates) consider networking important, many simply rely on people they already know – like family and friends, or those who they have worked with in the past. Actively networking involves seeking out opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals who may be able to assist you in landing your dream job. Join an industry association, subscribe to blogs, connect on LinkedIn and join Facebook groups. Stay in the loop and attend events. Whether they are purely for networking (like going to a bar with other professionals or students) or educational, you’re sure to meet people who could give you the opportunity of a lifetime.


Why not turn a fun hobby into something productive? Running a blog and including it on your resume can showcase your passion, dedication and knowledge of your chosen field. Alternatively, it can demonstrate you have communication skills via your writing. Many employers have reported instances where they have hired someone based on the content of their blog or website. Unfortunately, many bloggers lose out on opportunities because they don’t include a contact email on their site. Just like impressive content can be convincing enough for a person to hire you, offensive or unappealing content can damage your personal brand, so take care in ensuring only the best is posted on your blog. 

Showcase a skill

Do you have a particular talent that is applicable to the job you’re hunting? If you manage to nab an interview, find a way to show off this skill. Are you bilingual? Ask to be interviewed in your second language. Are design skills essential to the job? Create something to include with your resume and cover letter, like an advertisement promoting yourself, or a business card.

Be dramatic

Though this method doesn’t always work, making a big statement could score you your dream job. According to Forbes, some utterly crazy things have successfully gotten people hired – like renting out a billboard, climbing on a roof, or performing a musical number. Other simpler, yet out-of-the-ordinary bold attempts include repairing a piece of equipment, helping staff or making an excellent suggestion for change during the interview process. Remember not to be inappropriate or too unusual. You want the employer to be impressed by your creativity and initiative, not disturbed by too much wackiness. 

Look in unexpected places

Though this method may not be as well-known as using other job sites on the market, there are thousands of positions at any given time on Gumtree Jobs, with hospitality and construction roles proving to be the most popular. Depending on your niche, previously uncharted job-hunting territory like this could be the key to uncovering rare opportunities.

Leave something special behind

They say employers know whether or not they are going to hire someone within a few minutes of meeting them. But what if they don’t? What if they spend days comparing the resumes and cover letters of different candidates, trying to remember who was the most impressive in the interview? Leave a calling card! Design a business card or create a presentation and put it on a USB. Hand it over at the end of your interview and give them something to remember you by.

Be bold, be creative – don’t just follow the crowd. Standing out from the pack will give you the advantage and help you score the dream job you’ve been looking for. 

Here are some more ways to boost your job search

Jordan Huidekoper
Jordan Huidekoper

Jordan is a writer and photographer with a keen interest in personal growth and development.

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