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About Hairdressing

An exciting career in hairdressing can take you from working in or owning a hairdressing salon, right through to backstage at television stations or world class events such as Fashion Week.

Hairdressing courses teach students the technical ins and outs of cutting, designing, styling and colouring hair, treating hair and scalp, and chemical services. They can also touch on more business oriented skills and knowledge such as: customer service; health and hygiene; maintaining stock; products and services and; appointments and schedules.

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Joh Bailey - Hairstylist, Salon Owner and Media Personality
Joh Bailey - Hairstylist, Salon Owner and Media Personality

'The truth is I had no idea what I actually wanted to do and I saw the ad in a paper.'

Diana Jalo - Junior Hair Stylist
Diana Jalo - Junior Hair Stylist

Being half African made hairdressing both a personal and cultural interest of Diana's. See how she's built her skills while working at one of Sydney's most popular salons.