9 Dos and Don’ts When Resigning

Posted July 17, 2019, by Elesha

Whether you’re leaving on great terms or can’t wait to get the heck out of there, here are the big Dos and Don’ts everyone needs to know when resigning from a job. 

Do Give Notice If You Can

There are some work situations that are pretty unbearable and swift exit is the only answer. However when resigning, if you can, it’s best to give the notice required as per your contract of employment. The amount of notice you’re required to give depends on your employer and often the role.

2 – 4 weeks is usually the standard amount of notice, however, for more senior roles it may be longer. 

Always check the terms of your employment contract prior to resigning so you can correctly state the last working day in your written letter of resignation. Which brings us to the next point….

Do Write A Resignation Letter 

How do I tell my boss I’m leaving? Well, you can tell your boss of your resignation in person, over the phone or via email but whatever you choose, it’s still a good idea to provide a formal resignation letter. If you’re not sure how to write a resignation letter, check out our resignation letter templates for inspiration. 

Whether you’re resigning for a career change or less than ideal circumstances, we’ve got one to suit your situation. 

Do Know What You’re Entitled To

Have you got unused annual leave? Make sure you know exactly what benefits you’re entitled to before your last day and confirm with HR and payroll the amount you can expect in your final salary. 

Most employers will deposit your final salary within 7 days of your employment contract ending but your contract or enterprise agreement may state something different so be sure to check. Also, review your superannuation account to ensure the final deposit has been made. 

Do Ask For A Reference 

Leaving on good terms? Great. You’ll definitely want to ask your boss or colleague if it’s ok for you to provide their contact details for a reference. Even better, ask if they’d be happy to leave a review on your LinkedIn profile so it’s public and available to refer any future employers too.  

Do Say Goodbye

It’s professional and just good manners to do the rounds on your last day and say goodbye to those you’ve worked with directly in your organisation. It’s also a chance to connect with your soon-to-be former colleagues on LinkedIn – it’s a good way to keep in touch and who knows what opportunities may pop up down the track!

Don’t Go Raving About Your New Job

No one likes a bragger and raving about your new gig isn’t cool. If colleagues ask about your plans after you leave, sure, share that you’ve found a new role but keep it short and sweet! 

Don’t Hate On The Company Or Your Boss

How do you leave a job on good terms? By not talking smack about your boss and the company before you leave – even if you’ve been unhappy in the role.

Just because you’re walking off into the sunset (relief!) doesn’t mean you need to be negative and spread bad vibes before you go. Keep it to yourself and aim to leave on good terms. It’s a small world, you never know how hating on your boss or job to colleagues in your last week might come back to haunt you!

Don’t Stop Working After Resigning

You’ve handed in your notice but that doesn’t mean it’s time to swap work for Facebook and Insta scrolling.

Continue working at your usual pace and be professional about keeping any work commitments and deadlines you have between now and your last day. This attitude will keep you on good working terms with your manager and not compromise a great reference. 

Don’t Leave Your Workspace A Mess 

You don’t have to get all Marie Kondo (save that for your NEW desk space) but be considerate of the next person who’ll be moving into your workspace.

Pack up personal belongings and ditch any documents etc which won’t be relevant to the new person. File and sort the remaining documents or things they’ll need so it makes sense and give the desk a good spray and wipe!

Ready to resign and really want to leave a lasting impression? This woman did and her Kanye West inspired resignation dance went viral with 10 million views. We’re pretty sure she won’t be forgotten any time soon. 


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