How To Get Recruiters to Your LinkedIn Page

Posted November 16, 2018, by Jenny

Since launching in late 2002, LinkedIn has been a real dominator in social media when it comes to providing serious networking possibilities, whether that be to promote your personal brand or to attract the attention of LinkedIn recruiters so that you can maximise your opportunities for your next career move.

That all might be fantastic but knowing how to attract recruiters on LinkedIn, and how to make them click on you for further information can be a minefield. So to save your profile from being a graveyard for missed opportunities we have included some of the best tips we could find on how to turn your LinkedIn profile into a honeypot for recruiters on LinkedIn.

Get The LinkedIn Recruiters Clicking

 When a recruiter looks at your LinkedIn the first things they are going to look at is your photo and your headline. LinkedIn headlines for recruiters is a big deal – it’s what makes them stop and check you out amongst the sea of faces and headlines that they see every day.

But what makes a headline stand out when a recruiter looks at your LinkedIn? Clarity, innovation, and attention to detail are all going to be something that will help you tailor your LinkedIn headline for recruiters, and don’t be afraid to add a little personality to it.

LinkedIn Headline Example 1: Sarah Smith – Marketer at Ignite Training
Simple and generic, nothing to it that really makes you memorable or stand out from the infinite other marketers who are on LinkedIn.

LinedkIn Headline Example 2: Sarah Smith – Getting brands recognised! Marketing Specialist at Ignite Training with an expertise in SEO, social media management & content creation
This has far more character, is more specific and really highlights your capabilities and more about your role.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you make your LinkedIn profile stand out:

  • Don’t just include your standard job title or the default setting on LinkedIn, add something personal that shows off your personality or skills.
  • Do try to find a way to encourage the LinkedIn recruiter to click by promoting intrigue or adding some brief information that highlights how you can benefit them if they click through.
  • Do add keywords to your headline (in a format that makes sense – don’t stuff your headlines with them) to help you reach the top of the search results when recruiters are searching.
  • Don’t make your profile picture outlandish and unprofessional. You want to convey a friendly, approachable yet professional persona. Have a look at our 6 tips to the perfect LinkedIn pic and see what the ideal LinkedIn photo looks like.

Let The LinkedIn Recruiters Know You Are Active On LinkedIn

When you stop to think about what a LinkedIn recruiter might be considering when they look at your profile, it makes sense that once the headline has piqued their interest, the next thing they are going to want to know is how active you are on LinkedIn. If you appear to be inactive, then they are not likely to want to waste their time on your profile. Instead, they will probably move on until they find an active profile.

You can help recruiters on LinkedIn to quickly see whether you are active by liking and sharing content that you relate to or that you find useful in your industry – or you can create your own content (although you don’t have to go that far unless you want to). Curating and sharing industry or role relevant content doesn’t just show that you are active on LinkedIn though it also shows your personality.

Pay Attention To The Details

 If you haven’t completed your profile fully now is the time to start getting it done. Not just because you may as well provide as much information as possible to reel in LinkedIn recruiters, but also because an incomplete profile sends a subliminal message of laziness, or that you can’t be bothered to complete a job fully, which probably isn’t the right message you want to put out there.

See What’s Out There

It doesn’t hurt to search for people in similar positions and industry and see what types of profiles turn up. Notice what stands out for you… do the stand out profiles seem active? Which profiles would you make contact with and why? Spend time reading the profiles that you are impressed by and see if you can use them as inspiration for yours.


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