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Find 'the one': How to pick a course that works for you

There are a lot of ‘boxes to tick’ when you’re looking for the right study option, and finding the perfect course for you will require some research. Don’t sign up for the first course you see and expect it to meet all your expectations. After all, you wouldn’t commit to a wedding with a blind date, would you?

Whether it’s a question of how you’ll fit studies around your busy schedule, or which course will get you on track to your dream career, making sure your choice meets all of your needs – both during and after studies – is essential.

So before you plunge headlong into the vast world of educational options, ask yourself these four questions and decide if you’ve really found your match.

1. What are my goals?

The first step in this process is to establish what you hope to achieve. Are you studying to put yourself in the running for a promotion at work, or to move into a completely different industry or role? Are you fully invested in learning as much as you can about this topic because you’ve had a longstanding interest in it, or are you just after the piece of paper that says you are qualified?

Knowing why you want to undertake study will give you a much clearer picture of what you’re looking for, as well as help you power through any challenges that come up along the way. Martin takes the stress out of choosing a course by providing prospective students with a team of Student Enrolment Advisors (SEAs) to consult with. They’ll talk you through your goals, align them to specific outcomes and make sure the course you’re applying for puts you on track to achieve your ideal outcomes.

2. What am I passionate about?

Deciding what to study isn’t easy for everybody and unfortunately not every passion is something you can build a career on. But finding something that really interests you will set you up to enjoy lifelong learning on the subject – that is the ‘something’ you want to be focusing on. Martin offers unique courses in: 

Martin’s SEAs will work with you to help you narrow down your interests in one of these growing areas of industry.

3. What study mode works best for me?

While on-campus study might be perfect for those looking for a personalised, face-to-face learning experience, not everyone has the luxury of time to spare. If you feel motivated enough to achieve the outcomes working on your own, then online study is also a viable option. Martin offers both of these – and a blended learning option that gives you the best of both worlds. The interactive online platform lets you study when and where it suits you, but with the added 24/7 support of academics and trainers.

The study mode you choose will depend on a combination of factors including your level of dedication, the convenience of campus location, and what your current schedule permits. You can always opt for part-time studies to accommodate work hours and alleviate any unnecessary headaches.

4. Will this course make me job-ready?

There is a big difference between learning something and actually practising it in a professional capacity, so if it is career readiness you're after, make sure you’re ready to start working once you finish up your course.

Be wary of theory-heavy courses – they will give you a thorough comprehension of the subject, but little understanding of how to apply this knowledge to real world settings. Research any opportunities to gain work experience as part of your course, including internships, volunteering, and other practical elements – because there is plenty to learn outside the classroom.

Unlike universities, Martin’s courses are career-focused and centred on the most relevant industry learning so that you’ll be confident to start working upon graduation. For example, our travel and tourism courses teach students how to use the two most popular global booking systems, Galileo and Amadeus, which are used by Flight Centre and other major industry players.

What now?

Once you’ve answered these four questions, you should be in a much better position to decide on the course that is perfectly suited to you.

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