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Australian workers are taking professional development into their own hands

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According to the 2013 Kelly Global Workforce Index’s Career Development and Upskilling report, employees are becoming increasingly proactive in self-managing their careers and professional development.

The Asia Pacific region is an upskilling ‘hotspot’, with 64 per cent of Australians surveyed considering or seeking further education and training.

Of those, 57 per cent are wishing to upgrade their skills so they can get a promotion with their current employer (especially amongst Gen Y), 47 per cent are seeking opportunities at another company and 42 per cent want to enter a new field altogether. The most active pursuers of further skills and training are people working in more technical fields such as maths, engineering and IT.

The good news for employers is that most employees actually want to stay with their company rather than take their extra skills and knowledge elsewhere. That means that ongoing training is a win-win situation for everyone.

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