Highest Paying Jobs in Australia Right Now

Posted January 31, 2020, by Elesha

What are the highest paying jobs in Australia right now? You’re in the right place to find out! Let’s take a look at the roles paying top dollar across the nation in 2020.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

If you’re looking for the highest salary in Australia, a Chief Financial Officer gets paid the big bucks.

They are responsible for optimising the financial performance of an organisation including its reporting, return on investment, and liquidity.

CFOs are also leaders with other teams that may report to them including supply chain, IT, procurement and a range of other departments depending on the structure of the organisation.

They also have a key role in communication with the board and may negotiate with suppliers and vendors.

What does it pay? The average salary of a CFO in Australia is $151,576 per year and can reach up to $300,000 in some cases. 

What course can help me get there? Get your start in the financial world with a Bachelor Of Commerce (Accounting) 

Transformation Manager

If you have the skills to take a business to the next level of success in its operation you’ll be well compensated. 

A challenging and diverse role, a Transformation Manager identifies and implements the changes necessary to ensure a business performs to its optimum ability.

Transformation managers review resources and systems and analyse new and existing processes. They make and oversee changes to a company’s infrastructure and communicate strategies and objectives with relevant teams and departments. 

What does it pay? The average Transformation Manager salary in Australia is $144,080 per year and can reach to $219,000. 

What course can help me get there? Diploma Of Leadership And Management.

Information Technology Architect (IT Architect)

The annual salary for an IT Architect is up there with the highest paying jobs in the country – and for good reason.

These techy types have the skills for planning, architecting, and implementing IT solutions and services for organisations. 

It’s their job to make sure the underlying IT architecture is capable of delivering what a business needs right now and in the future. The demand for IT Architects will only continue to boom so it’s a great career path to get started on now. 

What does it pay? The average salary for an Information Technology (IT) Architect is $129,406 AUD per annum and can reach up to $280,000 AUD.

What course can help me get there? Master of Management Information Systems

Mining Engineer

While the mining industry isn’t awash with the lucrative opportunities it once used to hold, a Mining Engineer is still one of the highest paying jobs in Australia. 

Mining engineers design mines to efficiently remove minerals while keeping everyone safe. It’s a crucial role in mining operations and highly skilled workers are required and in demand for these positions. 

Mining engineers will often work at the location of the mine, such as mineral mines or sand-and-gravel quarries which can be in pretty remote areas of the country. They might also work in offices onsite for oil and gas extraction firms or engineering services firms.

What does it pay? The average salary for a Mining Engineer in Australia is $149,823 per year and can reach to $259,000.

What course can help me get there? Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum Engineering) Honours

Tax Director

This role is as serious as it sounds, which is why Tax Directors in Australia can really bring home the bacon!

A business Tax Director is responsible for creating and implementing a strategic tax plan for a company. This includes duties like preparing and filing tax documents, writing tax reports and dealing with any tax errors or issues that come up. 

As one of the highest-paying jobs, it will take years of experience to work yourself into the position so the sooner you get started on your career path to Tax Director, the better!

What does it pay? The average salary for a Tax Director in Australia is $166,961 per year and can hit almost $300,00 

What course can help me get there? Master Of Professional Accounting

Health and Wellbeing Manager 

It might not pay quite as well as the other roles in this list but a Health and Wellbeing Manager’s salary is still a very rewarding role; both personally and financially.

This role is fairly new to the corporate scene and becoming increasingly popular as companies embrace wellbeing and making striving steps forward to create a meaningful approach, lead by Health and Wellbeing Managers.

It’s the role of a Health and Wellbeing Manager to create and monitor programs to improve the physical and mental health of workers and their families, using preventive means to keep staff on top of their physical and mental game. 

What does it pay? The average salary for a Health and Wellbeing Manager in Australia is $105,599 per year and can reach to $196,000. 

What course can help me get there? Bachelor Of Health And Movement (Health Promotion)

Real Estate Agent

For those with a huge work ethic who are highly skilled at what they do, the role of a Real Estate agent can be one of the best paying jobs out there. 

It’s the responsibility of a real estate agent to help their clients sell, buy, or rent properties. They need to keep their finger on the pulse of market conditions, provide guidance through the process of buying, selling or leasing properties.

Many real estate agents are self-employed, which means a large part of their day is also spent on the marketing and administrative side of their business. 

What does it pay? This role is what you make it – and you can make it one of the highest paying jobs! While some real estate agents earn around 60k the average Real Estate Agent salary in Australia is $196,641 per year.

What course can help me get there? Graduate Diploma Of Property 

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