Online Courses That Will Make You Money

Posted January 13, 2020, by Elesha

Ever wondered what the highest-paying online degrees are? Or online courses that will make you money without a degree? Wonder no more and read on for our round-up of the online courses and degrees that can earn you a hefty paycheck once you hit the workforce. 

Online Degrees That’ll Get You a High-Paying Job

Petroleum Engineer 

As a petroleum engineer, you’ll work with geoscientists and other specialists to understand the geologic formation of the rock when a reservoir of oil and gas has been discovered.

Working to figure out the drilling methods, it’s also your job as a petroleum engineer to design the drilling equipment, be responsible for implementing the drilling plan and then overseeing the drilling operation.

When it comes to online courses that will make you money, completing an online degree in petroleum engineering is a lucrative choice!

The average pay for a Petroleum Engineer is $132,589 AUD per annum and can scale to $230,000 AUD. 

Check out these engineering courses –  Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum Engineering) Honours

Information Technology (IT) Architect

Are you an IT professional looking for a new, well-paid role in high demand? A job as an IT architect could be for you! 

Working as an IT architect will never be boring. You’re responsible for coming up with high-level information technology solutions and services to support an organisation’s strategic objectives.

Strong business and IT background are essential for this role so you can suggest technical solutions while considering industry best practices to deliver the best results to the business.

The average pay for an Information Technology (IT) Architect is $129,406 AUD per annum and can reach up to $280,000 AUD.

Check out these IT courses – Master of Management Information Systems 

Cloud Engineers

A cloud engineer is a very financially promising career path. IT giant Oracle predicts that by 2025, roughly 80 percent of a company’s workload will move to cloud-based solutions.

As a cloud engineer, it’s your responsibility to carry out the technical duties associated with cloud computing, including designing cloud software and systems then implementing and maintaining them.

It’s essential that you have experience with at least one of the three major public cloud providers: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Amazon Web Services is usually the preferred option. 

Because the Cloud is everywhere, there is a huge variety of roles in this skyrocketing industry and is one of the best online courses that will make you money in your future career. 

The average pay for a cloud engineer is $123,122 AUD per annum and can range between $57,000 AUD –  $213, 000 AUD.

Check out these IT courses – Bachelor Of Applied Cloud Technology

Online Courses That Will Make You Money – Without A Degree

Just because you don’t have a degree, doesn’t mean a high paying job is out of your reach! Here are just a few of the options to consider for online courses that pay well without a degree.

Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) Managers

Ok, so it might not be the most exciting sounding career but managers in the Work Health & Safety (WHS) niche can take home an exciting wage without the need for a degree. 

As a WHS manager, you’ll have many different responsibilities including:

– Identify hazards and risks to health and safety arising from the work environment

– Investigate, or assist in the investigation of, any incidents that occurred at the business or undertaking

– Establish educational and training programs on matters relating to work health and safety

The average pay for a safety manager is $119,260 AUD and can rise to $217, 000 AUD

Check out these WHS courses –Diploma of Work Health and Safety

Data Scientist

Getting a degree can certainly help your career as a data scientist but it’s not essential to land yourself a high paying job. Data science is an industry that has exploded in Australia and around the globe with roles in this sector expected to total nearly 3 million positions by 2020.

In this role, you’re an analytical data expert with the ability to see connections and patterns in data. You’ll be hired to solve complex problems and assist a business in its decision-making process. 

The average salary for a Data Scientist is $114,319 AUD per annum and can range between $54,000 AUD to $196,000 AUD. 

Check out these Data Science courses – Data Science Immersive

Construction Manager

If the traditional degree isn’t for you, choosing a trade can offer a pretty compelling and high paying, career path. Especially in the construction industry.

As a construction manager, the responsibility of supervising and managing all contractors and labourers on-site while leading building projects from start to finish is on your shoulders. The best-paying roles are in commercial construction, like schools, office buildings or hospitals. Discover more about how to become a construction manager in Australia.

The average Construction Manager Salary per annum is $110,766 AUD and can range from 62k – 172k.

Check out these courses in Building and Construction – Diploma Of Building And Construction Management  

Human Resources Director 

Many HR professionals love their roles because they’re able to make a difference for their peers in the workplace…plus, climb your way to HR director status and you could make a pretty penny!

It’s a big role; as a human resources director, you’re responsible for the overall management and implementation of an organisation’s human resources policies and procedures.

In this role, you may head up several different departments with various HR staff reporting to you. The ability to keep a cool head in hot situations is a must for this role as you’ll often be called on to deal with tricky and sensitive workplace situations.

The average salary for a Senior Human Resources Manager is $113,041 AUD per annum and can rise to $209,000 AUD. 

Check out these courses in Human Resources – Diploma Of Human Resources Management 

Although awesome salary prospects is a compelling reason to choose a certain career and education path, it shouldn’t be the only reason. The best online courses that will make you money should also be enjoyable and employ your personal interests and aptitudes, otherwise, you might not stick with it long enough to reap the salary rewards!


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