Why Should I Hire a Resume Writer?

Posted November 16, 2018, by Jenny

Most people secretly hate having to write or rewrite (for the zillionth time) their resume. Resume writing is a drag. You might even find this fact written up somewhere official like in the britannica.com. Yet, we really can’t afford to hate the task. Anytime we want to change our job or career direction, inevitably we will apply to job opportunities which require a resume. Sigh. Then, you spend hours revising, editing, spell checking and tailoring your CV. For each job you get your hopes up, visualise yourself in the role as you market yourself for the opportunity, and sometimes you don’t get a response. We’ve all been there! As much as we hate them, resumes are a crucial part of the job search. Without a decent resume, we simply won’t get our foot in the door and land interviews.

If those reasons aren’t compelling enough to hire a resume writer, then keep reading. Let’s talk about what these professional resume writers really do, and let’s ask ourselves, are you copping out when you don’t write your own resume?

Resume writers are professionals who have a knack with words, but also have their noses in the job market. They take your resume and help you to give the document an overhaul, so your brilliance shines through.

What Does a Resume Writer Do?

Professional resume writers are up-to-date with the current trends and in-touch with recruiters. Meaning resume writers have a good understanding of what will catch the recruiter’s eye. Resume writers take your resume and help you identify what needs to stay in, what can go and of course include a touch of pizazz to help you stand out from the crowd.

How Much Do Resume Writer’s Cost?

Maybe, at this point you are thinking, you know what, I do need help, and it makes no sense to struggle alone with this task. In the end, using a professional resume writer can help you get back to work, or onto a new career path quickly. And who doesn’t want to shorten the agony of the job hunt?

You might also think about how much will it hurt? Well, the price of resume writers can vary considerably. You may find services starting at around $100, right through to $1,000+. Factors that can impact the price of a resume writer is how long they have to turn your CV around, and level and years of experience.

The important thing here is to bear in mind the salary of the job you are aiming for and the need for a professionally written resume which will help land that job.

You need to balance your personal financial situation while trying to get the best service for the $ you have available. Decide on a budget and stick to it, but don’t forget, if you go for cheap and cheerful bottom-end rates you may not get the results you hope for.

Put it this way, if your fridge stopped working tomorrow, you could be up for thousands for a new one. But you wouldn’t question it because you see this product as a necessity, and you would take a deep breath and do what you needed to do to buy a decent replacement which would last. Well, a resume won’t last forever, but if you have a professionally written resume you can drastically accelerate your job hunt, increase your chances of getting interviews, which then increases your chances of getting the job you want. And, then when your fridge really does break down, you won’t have to scramble to find the $$ to replace it!

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How To Find a Good Resume Writer?

In Australia, we have a number of different certifications which resume writers can study for. Don’t assume resume writing has no standards or ways to measure and judge the talents of the people offering you the service. The reality is far from a cowboy scenario when people can charge ridiculous fees without any kind of quality control. Any resume writer you are considering for hire, check their credentials before going ahead with them. If they are serious professionals they will have qualifications to their name!

A professional resume writer could have one or more of the following credentials:

While a good CV can be the make or break between getting an interview and ultimately landing the job, it is important to give yourself the best chance at success by having the whole package down pat. Get yourself a good resume writer, ensure your credentials and skills are up to date and you’ve mastered your interview skills.


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