Work Smarter With These Must-Have Mobile Apps

Posted January 30, 2019, by CareerFAQs

Productivity mobile apps that enable us to work smarter are incredibly popular not only in Australia but worldwide. Given the higher than expected use of mobile applications in Australia, it would not be surprising that we spend considerably more time using apps.

Mobile apps have transformed every industry, the way we work and our daily routine. According to a recent report from App Annie, we spent an average of three hours per day on our mobile phones in 2018 and spent $101 billion globally on apps.

Australians Love for Apps

We absolutely love mobile apps, and evidently, we definitely love them much more than users in many other countries. According to another report, Australians use an average of 36 different apps per month. And this is six apps much more than the world average of 30 apps a month.

We don’t mind overwhelming our phones with mobile apps, on average of 100 apps per device. And this means that you might probably find about ten more apps on the mobile device of an Aussie than you would on the American or European device. Generally, Australians are quite eager to try new things if they believe they will make their lives better.

We’re somehow always ready to do things, and we’re very optimistic when it comes to mobile apps which can assist us all in our daily lives, particularly when it comes to things like education, personal finances and productivity, as well as other utility apps.  One way that our generations can develop great skills is by integrating our experience with the tools we already have.

The real technique to work smarter and improve productivity would be to create a unique relationship between the people, the tools and technology available to do their jobs best. This is a useful piece of advice for employees of all generations: you can become much more reasonably competent and also more productive by combining your knowledge and expertise with the current technologies.

The following are the seven must-have mobile apps to help you work smarter; is an Android, iOS and Chrome collaborative task management app. It is a visually stunning to-do app with a very distinctive Moment feature. This unique feature generally helps you to check all your other daily tasks first in the morning, every day, as you will never be caught unawares by weekly meetings, daily tasks or other duties and responsibilities.

It is challenging to maintain a good habit that facilitates productivity and efficiency. That is the unique features I like most in this app.

  • Price: Free; Premium $ 2.99 per Month –Billed annually
  • Platform: Android, iOS, Window, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Siri etc.

Edison Assistant

Edison Assistant (formally known as EasilyDo) is a virtual assistant, mobile app for iPhone and Android that facilitates simple tasks for you, such as posting ” happy birthday” on the social media pages of your friends to writing to others when you run late.

Edison Assistant is also very simple to set up and use and has a wide range of features. This app can help you do the small time- consuming daily tasks that you would prefer not to be caught up doing.

  • Price: Free; and Premium version
  • Platform: iOS and Andriod

Evernote Scannable

With Evernote ‘s Scannable app, you can kiss your desktop scanner goodbye. This iPhone app zips through paper stacks that you want to scanned and converts everything into collated PDFs. You really don’t have to press any button for the app to start snapping each image, as it automatically detects edges and creates high- quality photos every time.

For easy saving of your documents, the app connects to Evernote, although you can save documents to different storage locations.

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: iOS


If you had ever managed to miss a vital, deadline-driven email, InboxVudu is the best choice for you. This free iPhone app, apple watch app, browser and website plugin scan through your Gmail to find important messages through a language processing machine.

Whenever the app finds a new message in your email inbox, it sends you a notification and then uses boldface on the words that the app believe are much more important. The app will display important questions, calls for action, dates etc. instead of previewing the first few lines of an email. InboxVudu also reminds you to follow up on your messages if you have overlooked them.

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has always been one of my personal favourite mobile device email apps for productivity growth with a Focused Inbox, fully customizable swipe gestures, and an integrated calendar view feature.

Although the app comes from Microsoft, you can also get emails from other accounts. Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud and IMAP and all email accounts are supported, as well as Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365.

The Focused Inbox key function separates classified emails from marketing as well as other less pressing messages. It’s very remarkably similar to the Gmail Inbox app, other than that it works on a wide variety of email accounts instead of Gmail only.

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: iOS and Android


Todoist is a one of a kind collaborative to-do mobile app that could not be used to any effect without the iPhone and Android mobile app. The free version of the program is suitable for single use, but you will want Todoist Premium to manage tasks in a household or a team.

Allocate tasks to your team, give a due date, and you’ll get a notification when they complete the tasks. This app is one of my favourites because it gives you colour-coded spaces to manage certain types of daily activities, such as work, personal and household.

  • Price: Free, $3 monthly for premium and $5 per user per month billed annually for business.
  • Platform: Android, iOS, Window, macOS, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Apple Watch, Wear OS etc


When you mix and match several operating systems, syncing begins to come apart on the seams. Pushbullet (free) is a web browser and iPhone app that fills the cracks. It allows you to push links easily, images, addresses in Google Maps and other information by simply taps or clicks from one device to another. It increases productivity by enabling the sharing across platforms.

  • Free, up to $4.99 for premium
  • Android, iOS, Window, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera

Technology and all mobile productivity apps that use it offers an enormous and exciting opportunity to better our lives and also have such a beneficial impact on us by letting us work smarter and saving us time.

Think you’ve got a top app idea? Bring your idea to life with a course in IT and get on your way to developing your very own app! 


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