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Turn your talents for problem-solving and practical work into an exciting career by studying an automotive course. A large and vital industry, the automotive sector currently employs over 100,000 people, according to the Department of Employment, and employers are currently having trouble filling essential skilled roles in the automotive sector in some parts of Australia.

Build the skills and knowledge required to fill these gaps, perform the important tasks required to ensure the smooth running of millions of Australian vehicles, and start a rewarding new career helping people by studying an automotive course.

In an automotive course, you’ll learn all elements of vehicle service and repair, including how to diagnose, investigate and service a range of problems in vehicles, how to maintain and repair electrical systems, and how to maintain and improve vehicle paint and panels.

Practical and hands-on, an automotive course will give you the essential skills required to work in the automotive industry. The Australian Government’s Department of Employment reports that over 70 per cent of motor mechanics hold a certificate-level qualification, which could see you working professionally in the industry in as little as one year.

If you’re seeking an exciting practical career working to solve problems and investigate issues, consider joining the automotive industry. You must study an automotive course at a range of different levels, including as a certificate or diploma course, or as a graduate certificate or post-graduate diploma. After completing your qualification, you’ll be eligible to seek employment in a range of roles within the automotive sector, including working as a motor mechanic or electrician, or may choose to work with small motors and machinery in a range of different areas.

If you want a practical and exciting career helping to make our world run, take your first career step by studying an automotive course.

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