Chinese New Year: What’s Your Career Zodiac?

Posted February 6, 2013, by Molly Wiltshire-Bridle

Since ancient times, the Sh?ngxiào, or Chinese zodiac, has been used as a tool for interpreting everything from personality traits to relationship compatibility and love. Many East Asian traditions place great faith in the predictive power of the zodiac, consulting the relevant signs to determine matters of health, wealth and everything in-between.

Whether you exhibit the fiery ambition of the dragon or the steadfast loyalty of the ox, many of the reputed traits of the 12 animals of the zodiac offer insight into the career choices and occupational paths that best suit our personalities.

We cast our gaze over each of the four trines of the Chinese zodiac to help you determine which strengths and weaknesses to look out for when forecasting your career this Chinese New Year.


Dragon, Rat and Monkey

Self-motivated and driven, each of these three signs displays an intense desire to achieve. Thriving on competition, you are a born leader – provided you can do it your way. You are confident and charismatic, decisive and can-do when there is a task to be completed. Make a point of endeavouring to harness your tendency toward inflexibility and situational dominance – teamwork and shared input are equally valuable.

Your natural leadership ability and persuasive style of communication make you the perfect candidate for a career in areas such as marketing, business and management

Chinese New Year: What’s Your Career Zodiac?

Rooster, Ox and Snake

This group of signs is marked by their industrious work ethic and meticulous eye for detail. Cautious and critical, you deal in facts and figures rather than concepts and ideas. Your logical approach ensures that you complete tasks with the utmost precision and accuracy, and you work best when left to your own devices. Be wary of your propensity for tunnel vision – it’s OK to step outside your daily regimen from time to time.

Your keen organisational skills and analytical mindset make you a perfect fit for a career in accounting, information technology and engineering

Chinese New Year: What’s Your Career Zodiac?

Dog, Horse and Tiger

This dynamic bunch relishes every opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and expand their networks. You frequently draw upon your natural charm and enthusiasm for new ventures to motivate others to achieve results. Perceptive, adaptable and above all, eager, your positive attitude has you marching to the beat of your own drum. Resist your tendency for hot-headed recklessness by focusing on implementing time management techniques and ensuring you follow tasks through to completion.

Tap into your appetite for all things sociable with a career in communications or human resources, or your flair for adventure with a trip into travel and tourism

Chinese New Year: What’s Your Career Zodiac?

Pig, Rabbit and Sheep

This grouping is marked by a cool, calm and collected approach to all walks of life. Even-tempered and dependable, you strive to establish harmonious working relationships with those around you. Your sincere compassion for others finds you frequently positioned in supportive roles, where more often than not, your self-sacrificing generosity means you are an unsung hero. Focus hard on realising your self-worth, and don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ – sometimes, your needs come first.

Consider bringing your warm-natured benevolence to a career in counselling or community services, or exercise your knack for facilitation and patience with a job in education


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