5 Jobs for Creative People

Posted May 8, 2018, by Career FAQs team

Having a creative mind is both a blessing and a curse. It opens up doors for you that many other people can never enter, but it can also make it difficult to enjoy many of the mundane and tedious jobs on the market today.

Choosing to follow your head or your heart can be hard. And the questions, oh the questions that run through your mind and cause such blur. What jobs can a creative person do? What are creative jobs that pay well? What are my options for a creative career? The list goes on…. 

The good news is you don’t have to go head over heart. There are a number of creative jobs out there (that actually pay well) and will ensure your creative juices stay flowing. 

Utilise your talents and make a difference with these top five careers for creative types… 

Marketing Director

A director of marketing is essentially the chief ambassador of a brand. Through monitoring market trends and identifying potential consumer bases, a director of marketing develops and oversees a cohesive marketing strategy.

Furthermore, a marketing director’s qualifications will enable him/her to oversee teams of marketing professionals in their efforts, including digital marketing, events and campaigns.

Important skills and qualities for Marketers:

• You enjoy statistical analysis
• You enjoy financial planning and strategy
• You enjoy promotional events
• Numbers and sales goals are highly motivating to you
• Leading a team and working closely with people excites you
• You’re great at thinking out of the box and staying ahead of the trends
• Have strong attention to detail
Are a good writer
Are easily adaptable

Marketing Director pay:

The average salary of a Marketing Director is AUD$141, 537 (according to PayScale 10/19)

Start with a course in Marketing and work your way up to director level! 


Copywriters can specialise in virtually any field. From creative copy like business slogans and entertaining blogs to research-based work like instruction manuals, there’s a never-ending need for content creation. Article writing seems to be the most prevalent copywriting niche, but there are many other ways to pursue this field as well.

One of the benefits of copywriting is the ability to work from virtually anywhere there is an Internet connection. Whether you work as a freelancer or for a company, this flexibility is a huge plus!

Important skills and qualities for Copywriters:

• You possess excellent grammatical, spelling and proofreading skills
• You enjoy writing and content creation
• Flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere is important to you
• You would describe yourself as self-motivated and organised
• An eye for detail
Good research and fact-checking skills
Adaptable – it’s important to be able to cater to a variety of audiences and clients. 

Copywriter Pay:

The average salary of a Senior Copywriter is AUD$87,459 (according to PayScale 10/19) 

If you’ve got a knack with words then why not build your skills with a course in Writing

Interior Designer

Interior designers are responsible for bringing a space to life, whether it’s in a home or large office space. A knack for colours, spatial awareness and architectural details are imperative. This position will allow the creative mind to thrive in an environment that appreciates new ideas and creative touches.

This is a highly creative career that appeals to many innovative minds, especially those who are aesthetically inclined. It tends to be a somewhat competitive field and you may be required to bid against other designers for jobs in a variety of environments.

Important skills and qualities for Interior Designers:

• You are highly artistic and creative 
• You enjoy working with colour palettes, furniture and architectural details
• You are familiar with computer-aided design (CAD)
• You enjoy working closely with people to develop a cohesive plan
• You have strong negotiation skills
• An active listener – you need to hear the client and take their brief on-board
• An eye for design! Of course, you need to have good spatial awareness, space planning, create an ambience and have a good vision you can deliver on.
• Good problem-solving and ability to multi-task and prioritise

Interior Designer’s Pay:

The average salary of a Senior Copywriter is AUD$77,828 (according to PayScale 10/19) 

Start your career in Interior Design with a recognised course! See them all here.

Graphic Designer 

Graphic designers work directly with clients to create visual content across various mediums. They design logos, create layouts for web pages and printed media, and create visual elements for a range of mediums.

Graphic design brings traditional art and modern technology together for visually appealing and functional media. By working with images as well as text, graphic designers create a cohesive brand image for their clients. This position will allow creatives to thrive and create many new designs and projects.

Important skills and qualities for Graphic Designers:

• You are highly artistic and enjoy sketching and creating logos
• You have excellent attention to detail
• You enjoy working closely with people to create a finished product
• You have an understanding of how text and images work together
• Great IT skills – particularly with design and photo editing software
• Sound time-management skills 
• An understanding of the latest trends

Graphic Designer’s Pay:

The average salary of a Graphic Designer is AUD$65,866 (according to Indeed 10/19) 

You’ve got an eye for design, now it’s time to get the right qualification! Get recognised with one of our courses in Graphic Design

Software Engineer

You may be surprised to see this here as it is a very technical field, however, software engineering does require a lot of creativity.

Being a software engineer requires a significant amount of knowledge in computer systems, programming and coding. A large part of this job is developing creative solutions for various computer-related problems, including debugging and software testing. For creatives with a knack for computers, math and science, software engineering can be a rewarding and fulfilling field.

Important skills and qualities for Software Engineers:

• You have a background in computers, math or science
• You enjoy creative problem-solving and debugging
• You work well as part of a team to collaborate and problem-solve
• Strategy development and testing excites you
• Strong interpersonal skills

Software Engineer’s Pay:

The average salary of a Software Engineer is AUD$92,511 (according to Indeed 10/19) 

Want to become a Software Engineer? Find the right course to excel your career, simply enquire about a course in software engineering today.

Being creative doesn’t have to mean you can’t enjoy your career. There are a number of jobs out there that can stimulate your creative mind while paying the bills.

There are jobs that place high importance on creative thinking skills and these are just a few of them! Creative people appreciate freedom, utilising their talents, and being self-motivated. So if you enjoy thinking outside of the box then why not start the hunt for a career that fits all the right boxes.

This article was produced for Career FAQs by guest blogger, Addison Jenning. Addison is a Contributing Editor at jobdescriptionswiki.com and an HR manager. Her profession enables her to do what she loves most: recruit, motivate and contribute to the development of employees. 

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