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Copywriting Essentials

Are you looking to develop your copywriting skills? Discover the essential techniques for writing effective copy with this ADMA IQ short course.


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About Writing

These days getting published is easier than ever, but making money from your words is the hard part. Self-publishing has become as simple as clicking a few buttons and paying some conversion fees, but getting powerful publishers to hear you above the cacophony of digital voices, pay you an advance and give you that elusive credibility might feel almost impossible.

The journalism and publishing industries have gone through significant changes over the past few years, and not all of them have been kind to the old way of doing things – but the need for quality content has definitely not disappeared. In fact, content is more valuable than ever, it’s just that it nestles itself in new quarters these days, plotting new ways to get to its audiences.

They say writing is a craft, and that’s a good thing – if we liken it to knitting then it means that with practice it should become more like second nature and a lot less of a tangled mess. So before you send your finely wrought literary creations off to the powers-that-be and hope for a bite, you should think about honing your skills and working out exactly who you are writing for.

Potential writing career outcomes include: Children’s Author, Screenwriter, Author, Advertising Copywriter, Blogger, Executive Assistant, Ghostwriter, Grant Proposal Writer, Editor, Technical Writer.

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