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Turn beer into a career

Beer being poured into a glass
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You will remember Dr Chuck Hahn from Career FAQs Weird & Wonderful, the book that takes you on a white-knuckle ride through the world of wacky work.

Dr Hahn was at home between the circus trainers, stand-up comics, stunt coordinators, pyrotechnics designers, taxidermists and skydiving instructors because they all do jobs that are outside the four walls of convention.

Dr Hahn, founder of Hahn beer and master brewer with a PhD in chemical engineering, gave CFAQs the inside word on creating the perfect beer.

But don't just read about it, talk to the man himself! As part of the Ultimo Science Festival on 22–31 August, Dr Hahn will host a Science of Beer degustation with six beers and matched finger food. So whether you are interested in beer for business or pleasure, book yourself a date with the beer baron at the Ultimo Science Festival website.

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