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Bachelor of Social Science With a Major in Criminology

Study this Bachelor of Social Science With a Major in Criminology course and delve into the motivations and psychology behind criminal activity.

As a student of this online course, you will cover psychology, law, policing, forensic science and forensic psychology, giving you a well-rounded education in this fascinating field.

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About Criminology

Criminology courses offer a window into a fascinating field that encompasses the study of crime, responses to crime and crime prevention strategies. You can choose from a number of degree programs, including a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, a double Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Laws degree or a Master of Forensic Mental Health. Best of all, you can choose to study many criminology courses online, allowing you the flexibility of studying when and where you want.

If you have a strong sense of social justice and are looking for a job with meaning, the study of crime and criminal justice may be a good direction for you. Depending on the career path you wish to explore, you could find yourself studying exciting courses in criminal psychology, forensic science or pathology, criminal justice, social science or forensic mental health.

A criminology degree can lead you to jobs in government, correctional services, policing, social work, intelligence and policymaking.

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Criminology Careers

In a broad sense, criminology is the study of crime, criminals, their behaviour, and society’s definition of, and response to, crime and crime prevention, as well as how we treat criminals via corrections.

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