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Streamlined student visas puts focus on education

New student visa changes will make it easier for international students to study in Australia.
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Transport and logistics: careers on the move

Transport and logistics may not have a reputation as a glamorous industry, but don’t be fooled. The sector has plenty to offer when it comes to job prospects and wages.
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A performance review to remember

It’s that time of the year again. Time for the annual performance review. So how can you prepare yourself to get the most out of your review?
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Psychology career fact sheet

Considering a career in psychology? Check out this fun fact sheet for everything you need to know about the industry, at a glance.
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Why Job Flexibility Is The Secret To Career Wellbeing

Bestselling author Tim Ferriss tells us we can have a 4-hour work week but in reality, most of us feel like we’re working more than ever. Marni sees whether flexibility might be the next best option.
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Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Take This Test To Find Out Whether You Should Quit

Job satisfaction feeling a little lacklustre? Take this quiz to find out whether you should be making tracks for the nearest exit.
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Government scraps cap on self-education expenses

The Australian government has decided not to proceed with the cap on tax deductions for self-education expenses - and that spells good news for those seeking ongoing professional development and training.
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AIAS Open Days coming up in Melbourne and Brisbane

Interested in beauty, health and wellbeing? Register for the AIAS Open Days to tour facilities, talk with lecturers and get the lowdown on VET FEE-HELP from enrolment advisors.
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What to study in 2014

With changing economic currents and job saturation, finding a career is not just about doing what we love.
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ACPE Open Day

Find out how far a career in sport and fitness can take you by attending the next ACPE Open Day, Saturday 9 November.
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