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Five industries with the brightest futures

Wish you could look into a crystal ball and find out where to take your career? We put a spotlight on national skills shortages to bring you five industries that are tipped to undergo significant growth well into the future.
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Australia's Freelance Revolution (And How To Join It!)

Freelancing used to be considered something you did in between ‘real’ jobs, but the ‘portfolio career’ is growing in popularity – and it’s not just because of the GFC or volatile job markets. Marni investigates why the workforce is more fluid than ever.
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How To Start Up A Start-up

Airbnb started out as a blow-up mattress on the floor, Facebook started up in a college dorm room and Google was born in a garage. We put a spotlight on the wonderful world of start-ups, and show you how to kick-start your own entrepreneurial dream.
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Job Hoppers: Stick It Out Without Standing Still

The days of holding out for a gold watch are long behind us, but is all this job-hopping actually getting us anywhere? Before you jump ship, hear the case for sticking it out.
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Top paying jobs straight out of uni

Nobody should pick a career based on the size of a pay cheque. But, to be frank, it doesn’t hurt to know what you’ll be earning in your first year out of uni. So undergrad students listen up: here are the top industries with the highest median salaries.
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Keep Calm And Improve Yourself: How Short Courses Can Help You Succeed

Trend-spotters have deemed 2015 the year of 'self-improvement', so what's your master plan? The good news is that with single-unit study you don't actually need one to get started.
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The Future Of Work: 4 Trends To Look Out For

Teleporting to work, robotic colleagues and holographic boardroom presentations – is this what the future of work will look like? We review the trends you can expect to see!
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5 reasons why the care sector is the right career change for 2015

The health care sector continues to be one of the fastest growing industries in Australia. This guest post from carecareers explores why it could just be your ticket to a life-altering career change in 2015.
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Have you taken your lunch break today?

This Wednesday is Go Home on Time Day. Join the conversation about work–life balance.
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Your top 5 in 2014: Articles you loved

The year's coming to a close and what have we learnt? We list the top five articles that really hit the spot with our readers this year. It's our annual highlights package, curated by you!
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