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About Arts & Humanities

‘Culture’ is a broad concept that encapsulates the arts and other expressions of human intellectual endeavour. And there’s no better way to learn about and acquire culture, than by studying an arts course.

Studying arts is not confined to learning about paintings and sculptures, as the arts cover so much more. They include fine arts but also encompass studies in the humanities such as languages, literature, communications, history, philosophy and the performing arts.

An arts degree offers an ideal foundation for a range of career options and outcomes. You will cover a broad educational base, choosing a major area of study as you continue your degree. These majors can include art history, English, international studies, history, political science, sociology, psychology, philosophy and theology.

Potential arts career outcomes include: Writer, Journalist, Film Producer, Social Justice Advocate, Artist, Linguist, Sociologist, Politician, Theologist, Librarian.

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