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High school students abandoning maths and science

A recent Sydney University study has found that HSC students are losing interest in maths and science.
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Accounting: more than a numbers game

Good with numbers? Get into accounting – it offers great salaries, job prospects and the key to spicing up your love life!
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What did you want to be when you were a kid?

To celebrate Children’s Week, we find out what the Career FAQs team dreamed of becoming when they were were youngsters with skinned knees and bigs dreams.
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NSW bushfires: volunteering and donating

Bushfire season is upon us. Your help and the support of the community are needed to ensure the firies can successfully battle through one of the toughest times of the year.
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Ben Weber - Senior Analyst, PPB Advisory

‘I enjoyed economics at school and spent every holiday and my first year after school working on my uncle’s property in the Riverina – so it [agribusiness] was just a marriage of the two really.’
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5 Reasons To Consider A Career In HR

If a business is a machine, then human resources (HR) is the grease that keeps it well oiled. Read on for five excellent reasons to consider making HR your vocation.
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Where in the world can international studies take you?

One of those transferable degrees, international studies is a great option for anyone looking to learn about the world, around the world.
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The gap year debate

School’s out for summer – almost. Here are a few reasons why taking a gap year can be a very good idea.
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Entertainment career fact sheet

Is show business your calling? Check out our entertainment fact sheet to find out!
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Mental Health Week 2013: promoting awareness

It's Mental Health Week and we've been talking to some inspiring people who have turned their mental illness into a positive path forward.
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