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Can Dressing For Success Actually Lead To Success? Tips For A ‘Smart Casual’ Office

Would changing the way you dress affect your performance – and your boss’ perception of your abilities? The answer is yes – and here’s the science to prove it.
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A New Career at 60? Why it’s Never Too Late To Dream Big

Imagine finding out on your 61st birthday that you’re heading back to school! That’s exactly what happened to Online Courses Australia student Beverley – she’s a testament to the fact that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.
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5 Rules For Good Networking Etiquette

Avoid networking faux pas and learn how to put your best foot forward with these top tips for networking etiquette!
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Massage as medicine: a career in myotherapy

Looking to get hands on with your career? We take a closer look at massage therapy, and put a spotlight on the practice of myotherapy!
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Design. Code. Play: How To Make Video Games For A Living

Vivien takes a closer look at the gaming industry and finds out what it takes to make the jump [space bar] into the video game industry.
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Think online study isn't for you? Think again with CSU

We take a closer look at how Australia’s most experienced online university educator is breaking down the barriers to online study, and encouraging people to 'think again' when it comes to pursuing their career potential.
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Find 'the one': How to pick a course that works for you

Finding the right course to commit to can be tough. Are you after a short course that ignites your passions or are you in it for the long haul and want a course that offers your career security? Find out how to find 'the one' with these simple steps.
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10 majors you might not have considered for your arts degree

From criminology and sport studies to mathematics and music, we take a look at 10 majors from The University of Queensland you might not have considered for your arts degree.
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CSU to offer game-changing engineering degree

A degree that combines undergraduate and postgraduate study, as well as four years of paid industry placement? Yep, CSU’s new engineering degree is as good as it sounds.
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Why a career in community services is a good fit for working mums

Returning to work after maternity (or paternity!) leave is often the best time to consider a career change. If you're after a pathway that offers flexibility, support and a way to give back to the community – look no further.
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