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Best places to study an education course

Choosing a course can be difficult so we’ve done some of the research for you with our top picks for your study area. Here’s what we think are the best Australian education/teaching courses on offer.
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20 silver-screen professions you can study online

Why do we always see the same crazy professions depicted in the movies? In these fictional worlds everyone's a hacker, an investigator or a writer – but how do we get there? Let us show you how you can study for your Hollywood-worthy career online.
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10 jobs that the internet created

The internet may have made some occupations redundant but did you know it has created more jobs than it has made obsolete? This week Julia looks at some of the new roles that have been spun in the world wide web.
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Young (over)achievers who make you feel crap about yourself

Nothing can be more infuriating than someone younger than you achieving a lot more than you have. To get you in a good mood, Andrea lists seven youngsters who will make you question whether you’re reaching your full potential.
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10 jobs that the internet killed

The internet has changed the way we live in more ways than one. Julia takes a look at which jobs have had to take the exit ramp thanks to the information super highway.
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Are You Being Conned?: The Truth About Internships

Unpaid internships are fast becoming commonplace, but should we really be so willing to offer our labour for free? Molly finds out how to identify if your internship has crossed the line from experience to exploitation.
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Will That Get Me Fired? The 10 Tests Every Employee Needs To Take

Ever had a bad day and vented about your boss on social media? Ever broken a sweat when you’ve hit ‘send’ on an inappropriate email? You’re certainly not the first employee to think ‘will that get me fired?’ but how do you know where the line is?
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The 25 skills you won't get hired without

The list of LinkedIn’s 25 hottest skills for 2013 is a treasure map for job hunters, so keep reading to see where X marks the spot.
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Human resources career fact sheet

A career in HR is a career worth having! Find out more about this rewarding industry in our career fact sheet!
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Quality in qualifications: how the childcare industry is changing

Find out what changes to qualifications and ratios are occurring in the childcare sector and what this means for job opportunities.
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